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Get-Process -name b* | Stop-Service
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An if-else statement will always consist of the word if, a left parenthesis, an expression, a right parenthesis, a statement, the word else, and a second statement. This form of if executes the first statement if the expression is true and executes the second statement if the expression is false. An English example of an if-else statement might be
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would any other email message. Touch the To line of the email, touch the sign, and find the contact you wish to use. You can also start typing someone's name or email address and then choose from the pop-up list of names below. Once you re done typing, tap Send to send the note on its way. TIP: Hitting space twice automatically inserts a period. Holding down a character gives you accent/variant options. Tapping the numbers toggle puts you in numbers entry mode and leaves you there. Sliding from the number toggle to the character you want and then letting go inserts the character. It also automatically switches you back to alphabet mode.
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Once your source code is written, your next job is to hand it off to a compiler. The compiler translates your C source code into instructions that make sense to your computer. These instructions are known as machine language or object code. Source code is for you; machine language/object code is for your computer. You write the source code using an editor, and then the compiler translates your source code into a machine-readable form.
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22.11 Ideas for on your own
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Standard Edition does not support Site Stager.
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Here is your iPhone serial number.
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Figure 24-2. Setting NSZombie Debug Environment Variables
Figure 16 5. Searching in the Maps app
Operator name Description Determines whether two sequences are equal by comparing elements in a pair-wise manner.
Web Part Type
Set Connec on interface Consume Connec on interface CreateChildControls OnPreRender CreateChildControls OnPreRender
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