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By adding in the BeginTime clause on the first animation, we re saying that we don t want it to start until a tenth of a second after the other one. This will give us a little bit of a leading edge effect (figure 19.8). We think this makes the effect look a little bit spiffier. It also demonstrates the giant time hole that WPF can open up as days and days of your previously productive life are spent tweaking effects.
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Sub Listing1_5() ' The standard object creation and initialization Dim p1 As New Person() p1.FirstName = "Brad" p1.LastName = "Anderson" ObjectDumper.Write(p1)
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<Elements xmlns=""> <Workflow Name="BDCWorkflow" Description="My SharePoint Workflow" Id="8f3726f9-a775-4b2c-81b2-5d652e3fbb1c" CodeBesideClass="BDCWorkflow.BDCWorkflow" CodeBesideAssembly="BDCWorkflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=570a2c350488292c"> <Categories/> <MetaData> <!-- Tags to specify InfoPath forms for the workflow; delete tags for forms that you do not have -->
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Anonymous types are types without names,1 but types anyway. This means that a real type is created by the compiler. Our results variable points to an instance of a class that is created automatically based on our code. This class has three properties: TotalMemory, Top2Memory, and Processes. The types of the properties are deduced from the initializers. Figure 2.4 shows what the anonymous type that is created for us looks like in the produced assembly.
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WPF from 723 feet
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Tables 2.1 through 2.3 describe the contents of each Mac OS X file system domain.
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parameterized macros, doskey 487 parameterized property, definition 399 ParameterizedProperty 225 parameters 31, 45 ParameterToken, PowerShell grammar 528 529 parameterWithIntializer, PowerShell grammar 526 parent scope 282 parentheses 119, 135 Parse() 84 parseCallRule, PowerShell grammar 527 parsing 25, 37, 257, 512 modes 42, 183 process 311 partial cmdlet names 16 partial name 347 pass by reference 493 passed 179 passthru parameter 226 password 466, 468 Password property, ProcessStartInfo 471 PATH environment variable 450 path parameter 289, 313 PATHEXT environment variable 450 patience, practice, and experimentation 311 pattern matching 114, 161, 165 operators 107 peer-to-peer networks 443 Perl 9, 26, 108, 180 security 441 vs PowerShell 493 Personal Information Exchange, Certificate Export Wizard 463 PHP 26 physical path 308 Pi 78
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You create an ICriterion instance holding the simple Expression for an equality comparison and add it to the ICriteria. The UniqueResult() method executes the query and returns exactly one object as a result. Usually, you ll write this less verbosely, using method chaining:
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In a real panel, you d calculate the maxWidth and maxHeight based upon available space in the layout slot. In addition to this calculation change, be sure to apply the same measurement to the call to the measure step, so the child has the ability to resize itself if possible. Creating a custom panel in Silverlight is a straightforward process once you decide on a layout algorithm. The majority of the work is performed inside the measure and arrange steps. The measure step is where the panel calculates the size of each element and the size of the panel itself. The arrange step is where the panel performs the actual positioning (and optional clipping) of the child elements. Creating a custom control is similar to creating a panel; many of the same steps apply. In the next section, we ll create a control that supports styling and visual states.
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Pattern to search for The cmdlet name
DUPLICATE SPNS When SQL is installed with a domain account, no automatic registration takes place. If you originally installed SQL with LocalSystem, ensure that you list the SPNs for the computer account to check that the SPNs are no longer there (or delete them if they are), as duplicate SPNs listed in both the user account and the computer account will
Reports Shared data sources
Month view: Touch the Month button at the bottom, and you can see a layout of the full month. Days with appointments have a small dot in them. Dots for the current day will show up highlighted in blue. TIP: To return to the Today view, just touch the Today button at the bottom left.
The Feature containing this element manifest would staple the Feature with the specified Id onto the default SharePoint Team Site (STS#0) and to a custom site definition called DashboardSiteDefinition with configuration 0. For all new sites created with any of those site definitions, the specified Feature would automatically be activated. Sites that are already created won t benefit from the Feature stapling and the Feature must be activated manually or through code. The final option, using a provisioning provider, allows you to programmatically add Web Parts and perform other logic operations in code that s executed after the site is fully provisioned. Provisioning providers are only available for Site Definitions in SharePoint Server and are a part of the publishing infrastructure. A provisioning provider is a class derived from the SPWebProvisioningProvider class, and it s specified in the site definition using the ProvisioningClass and ProvisioningAssembly. The same rules apply here; you can t change the site definition once it s in use but you can update the provisioning provider.
using System; using Microsoft.Synchronization; using Microsoft.Synchronization.Data; using Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe; namespace SyncSample {
To summarize, enabling Game Center for your app requires the following steps: 1. Create a new app in iTunes Connect: a. b. 2. Specify a Bundle ID for the new app. Enable Game Center for this app.
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