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Figure 3 12. The Document window in outline view, showing Inspector Attributes
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a virtual keyboard to do this (and to me this is the only slightly jarring usability note in using the iPhone). The consequence for you as a developer is that you need to be aware of the shortcomings of the virtual keyboard and avoid asking the user to type too much. Apart from that, the direct-manipulation features offer great usability benefits, providing a very natural mechanism to manipulate controls, together with excellent feedback.
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Note: This will highlight the selected object in both controls even when these controls do not have the focus.
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Next comes the function prototype for IsItPrime(). The compiler will use this function prototype to make sure that all calls to IsItPrime() pass the right number of arguments (in this case, one), that the arguments are of the correct type (in this case, a single int), and that the return value expected is a bool.
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the sample program does little more than show off some particle effects, it is important to think of these concepts in the context of a larger application. The Particles sample project is not a fully realized game engine by any stretch, but it is a good place to start, and it has much of what you would need to build a simple 3D application in OpenGL. This makes it a good platform for you to explore the concepts of particle systems.
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The steps for implementing a new class of tires, called AllWeatherRadial, are a lot like the ones we used for Slant6. We subclass an existing class (Tire) and provide a new description method:
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Also, it s very important that you always check the return codes from audio API calls. Even if you don t do any specific error handling, you should at least log any errors. Having these log entries helps a ton when debugging mysterious audio problems.
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if ( item.EndDate < DateTime.Now ) { throw new BusinessException("Auction already ended."); IQuery q = session.CreateQuery(@"select max(b.Amount) from Bid b where b.Item = :item"); q.SetEntity("item", item); double maxBidAmount = (double) q.UniqueResult(); if (maxBidAmount > bidAmount) { throw new BusinessException("Bid too low."); User bidder = session.Load<User>(userId); Bid newBid = new Bid(bidAmount, item, bidder); item.AddBid(newBid);
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Monthly tasks
Former Life As a Developer: Florian: C and C++ programming, mostly on Unix-based systems. Network programming, using C, C++ or one of various scripting languages like e.g. Ruby. Database Design and Development, mostly using PostgreSQL ( GUI programming using the Qt toolkit ( Peter: Multi-platform software development (mostly Windows, Mac, Linux) Network Programming GUI programming with Qt Developing Plug-Ins for Adobe InDesign
The text box is filled with the value in the Page_OnLoad method in the code-behind of the page. The Web Part needs a hidden field that contains the currently configured URL for the RSS. It must be exposed as a hidden field so that you can access it through JavaScript. The hidden field control is defined in the class as a private member:
solutions can be overkill if, for example, you only care about queries against the EmployeeSalary table, or updates to the OrgChart table. Although you could filter a SQL Trace to reduce the overhead, there are some scenarios that could lead you to miss events. A related reason for implementing an auditing or change tracking solution is to answer the simple question, Who is accessing which data in your system For a long time, users have been asking for a SELECT trigger that would allow them to log all (or selected) database access to a table or to a file. Auditing products can do this for you, but there is no universal way, with SQL Server alone (at least through SQL Server 2005), to pick and choose which table you want to audit for this purpose. Another reason is to observe data trends, in the case where you don t have a nice big data warehouse to play with. Sometimes you will want to monitor values over time, for example the changing price of gasoline you are charging over the period of a week, so that you can correlate that with daily revenue during the same time frame. If your application is not currently set up to track values historically, then all you have at any given time is the current price. You can set this up manually with triggers, but it can be cumbersome to set up and maintain. Yet another motivation for row-level auditing is for incremental data loading. You may want to mirror incremental changes to other environments, such as a data warehouse or a data cache server, without the overhead of database mirroring, replication, or needing to determine the deltas between large tables at runtime. In SQL Server 2005 you can accomplish this with database snapshots, but these place several limitations on the source database, such as requiring both source and snapshot to be online perpetually (and reside in the same instance), and reduced performance due to additional I/O operations to maintain the snapshot. Database snapshots also apply to the whole database and cannot be targeted at specific tables. And finally, your semi-connected applications will often need to determine if potential updates are still valid, and can be applied without conflict. Ideally, your application should be able to ask the database a simple question like, Has the row I m working on been changed Currently, this is usually assisted by a ROWVERSION column, but this gives you an extra column in your table that can be difficult to work with. Some would suggest using merge replication for semi-connected applications, and although that is a valid alternative in some cases, it can be overbearing to set up and maintain for the average user.
protected override void ResetSettings() { // Set file name txtAlbumFile.Text = _album.FileName; // Set title, and use in title bar this.txtTitle.Text = _album.Title; this.Text = String.Format( "{0} - Album Properties", txtTitle.Text); // Set display option values _selectedDisplayOption = _album.DisplayOption; switch (_selectedDisplayOption) { case PhotoAlbum.DisplayValEnum.Date: this.rbtnDate.Checked = true; break; case PhotoAlbum.DisplayValEnum.FileName: this.rbtnFileName.Checked = true; break; case PhotoAlbum.DisplayValEnum.Caption: default: this.rbtnCaption.Checked = true; break; } string pwd = _album.Password; cbtnPassword.Checked = (pwd != null && pwd.Length > 0); txtAlbumPwd.Text = pwd; txtConfirmPwd.Text = pwd; }
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