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One thing that s a bit wasteful, however, is that the delegate is always created, even if it s never used. It d be better if the delegate were created on the fly as needed. You can do this by replacing the static members with properties: using System; class Container { public delegate int CompareItemsCallback(object obj1, object obj2); public void SortItems(CompareItemsCallback compare) { // not a real sort, just shows what the // inner loop code might do int x = 0; int y = 1; object item1 = arr[x]; object item2 = arr[y]; int order = compare(item1, item2); } object[] arr; // items in the collection }
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The Management Pack and Utilities catalog, which provides further information, is located at We will give more details later in this section.
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Listing 2 XML with multiple instances of the same element at the same level
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You access it as follows:
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You can also write to a file using the namespace variable notation. Here s that example rewritten to use variable assignment instead of a redirection operator (remember, earlier we said that assignment can be considered a form of redirection in PowerShell.)
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Figure 4.12 An example of an option dialog with multiple stacked items. The different authentication sections and the user information are each independent controls stacked one above the other.
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<clib:OrbitPanel> <clib:OrbitPanel.OrbitDefinitions> <clib:OrbitDefinition StartAngle="25" StopAngle="40" Width="100" /> <clib:OrbitDefinition StartAngle="340" StopAngle="270" Width="Auto" /> <clib:OrbitDefinition StartAngle="90" StopAngle="180" Width="*" /> </clib:OrbitPanel.OrbitDefinitions> ... </clib:OrbitPanel>
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In this appendix, we looked at the idea of designing for testability: what it involves in terms of design techniques, its pros and cons, and alternatives to doing it. There are no easy answers, but the questions are interesting. The future of unit testing will depend on how people approach such issues, and on what tools are available as alternatives. Testable designs usually only matter in static languages, such as C# or VB.NET, where testability depends on proactive design choices that allow things to be replaced. Designing for testability matters less in more dynamic languages, where things are much more testable by default. In such languages, most things are easily replaceable, regardless of the project design.
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What Are Script Objects
fputs() is similar to fputc(), but writes out a zero-terminated string instead of a single
public void ApproveAuction(long itemId, int itemVersion, long adminId) { Item item = itemDAO.FindById(itemId); if ( itemVersion != item.Version ) ) throw new StaleItemException(); User admin = userDAO.FindById(adminId); item.Approve(admin); }
Auditing solutions are built to enable retrospective analysis of user activity. SQL Server 2008 introduces a number of enhancements in this regard, which will be the focus of this section. We ll begin with coverage of the new SQL Server Audit feature before looking at DDL and logon triggers. We ll finish with a brief look at another new feature in SQL Server 2008, Change Data Capture.
This creates a solution for our new application. We will also establish an icon for the Form as well as the generated application file. This uses the term common image directory, which as you ll recall is our shorthand for the graphics files provided with Visual Studio .NET. By default, these can be found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Common7\Graphics.
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