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You may need to pass parameters to your MDX queries. Unfortunately, in SQL Server 2000, Analysis Services doesn t support parameterized MDX. As a workaround, you need to base your query on an expression and concatenate the parameter values. For practical examples about how to do this, you may find useful the OLAP Sample Reports download that the Reporting Services team has published on MSDN. For more information, please see section 12.4.
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Simple errors occur when any function or method fails to achieve its objective and returns an empty value. The -pathForImageResource: message in Listing 14-9 is a good example. This method returns the path of the desired image file, or nil if no such file could be located. Your code should probably test the results unless you ve designed your code to use absent behavior, described in 7 and either provide a default, return an NSError, throw an exception, or raise an assertion.
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We created the einSwitchAppDelegate.h and einSwitchAppDelegate.m files when we created the Window-based app at the very beginning of this example. We have just finished creating the Cocoa Touch UIViewController subclasses and named them SwitchViewController, Ein1Controller, and Ein2Controller. At this point, we have created all the characters in our play, but we still need to equip some of them with the tools they will use to display the bottom and top layer photographs i.e. our switch view images. For this, we will create two sets of tools, .xib files, that each of our helpers will use. In the New File dialog, go to your Resources folder, give it a click, enter N, and select the User Interface folder. Then, select the View XIB icon, as shown in Figure 6 16. Now we create the next nib file. Save the first of your two .xib files, Einstein1View.xib as shown in Figure 6 17, and immediately enter N to create your next nib file, Einstein2View.xib. Again, select the User Interface folder in the New File dialog, and then select the View XIB icon.
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You ll need to drag the AudioToolbox, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, and OpenGL ES frameworks to the Frameworks group in Xcode to start. We also need to add the header and source files for cocos2d and Chipmunk to the Xcode project by dragging them to the Support group and to add some images to the Resources group for our different sprites.
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Listing 2.8 How to create a filter descriptor
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There are several issues that crop up when using manual mocks and stubs: It takes time to write the mocks and stubs. It s difficult to write stubs and mocks for classes and interfaces that have many methods, properties, and events. To save state for multiple calls of a mock method, you need to write a lot of boilerplate code to save the data. If you want to verify all parameters on a method call, you need to write multiple asserts. If the first assert fails, the others will never run, because a failed assert throws an exception. It s hard to reuse mock and stub code for other tests. These problems are inherent in manually written mocks and stubs. Fortunately, there are other ways to create mocks and stubs, as you ll see in the next chapter.
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Result A GroupBox object is added to the form.
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To the great surprise of everyone (including the designer of this feature), this trivial filter turns out to be useful! You can use it to paginate collection elements:
The object is an instance of the class, or a subclass of the class. The object is a specific class. The object adopts the protocol, or inherits from a class that adopts the protocol.
// file : reflect.cs // compile : csc reflect.cs using System; using System.Reflection; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; public class Person { public Person(string firstName, string lastName) { FirstName = firstName; LastName = lastName; } public void DisplayFirstName() { Console.WriteLine("First Name={0}", FirstName); } public void DisplayLastName() { Console.WriteLine("Last Name={0}", LastName); } public void ShowAll() { Console.WriteLine("Person..."); Console.WriteLine("First Name={0}", FirstName); Console.WriteLine("Last Name={0}", LastName); } public readonly string FirstName; public readonly string LastName; } public class Reflect { public static void Main() { // get the Person type... Type typ = Type.GetType("Person"); // create array of constructor arguments... object[] args = {"Joe", "Bloggs"}; // create an instance of the Person type... Object obj = Activator.CreateInstance(typ, args); // get a list of Person methods... MethodInfo[] met = typ.GetMethods(); // find and invoke all display methods... Regex r = new Regex("^display", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); foreach (MethodInfo m in met) if (r.IsMatch(m.Name)) m.Invoke(obj, null); // invoke display method } }
Figure 11.5 On the Initialize Secondary Database tab you can specify how the log shipped database will be created on the destination server.
Public Sub Bid(ByVal Amount As Decimal, ByVal BiddersName As String) If ItemLock.IsWriterLockHeld Then If a write lock Throw New Exception("Writer lock held before acquire") is held, throw End If an exception Try Do Try ItemLock.AcquireWriterLock(TimeoutValue) Try to acquire Catch Ex As System.ApplicationException the lock System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(Ex.Message) End Try Loop While Not ItemLock.IsWriterLockHeld Loop until the If AuctionComplete Then writer lock is Throw New Exception("Auction has ended") acquired End If If (Amount > TheCurrentPrice) Then TheCurrentPrice = Amount TheBiddersName = BiddersName Else Throw New Exception("Bid not higher than current price") Once the update is End If complete, release Finally the writer lock ItemLock.ReleaseWriterLock() If (ItemLock.IsWriterLockHeld) Then Throw New Exception("Writer Lock still held after release") End If End Try End Sub
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