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And I can then get just that child job:
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Installing multi-instance clusters without considering the resource implications of failover situations. Creating logins/jobs with elevated privileges. Implementing least privilege can be tough work, but it s essential in locking down a system for maximum security. Changing configuration values from their default settings without adequate research and/or a detailed change log. Placing data and transaction logs on the same physical disk(s). Storing backups on the same disk as the database files. Relying on autogrow for file sizing, and leaving the tempdb database at its default size. Not making backups and/or not checking their validity and/or not practicing and documenting various recovery situations. All of these are equally bad. Leaving the database in the full recovery model without taking transaction log backups. Implementing database mirroring in high-safety (synchronous) mode without considering network latency and/or transaction log usage from index maintenance. Not running regular DBCC checks. Running REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS as the primary/default recovery response, and not following up corruption events with a root-cause analysis. Not evaluating index usage and/or fragmentation levels as part of an indexmaintenance routine. Updating statistics using the default sampling rate after a full index rebuild. Using SQL Profiler in place of server-side traces, and using it as the primary performance analysis/tuning technique. Doing manual administration with SQL Server Management Studio. For maximum efficiency and minimal errors, tasks should be scripted and automated, and you should employ appropriate monitoring and alerting mechanisms such as MOM or SQL Agent operators and alerts.
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When a client requests an entity and its associated graph of objects from the database, it isn t usually necessary to retrieve the whole graph of every (indirectly) associated object. You wouldn t want to load the whole database into memory at once; for example, loading a single Category shouldn t trigger the loading of all Items in that category. Lazy fetching lets you decide how much of the object graph is loaded in the first database hit and which associations should be loaded only when they re first accessed. Lazy fetching is a foundational concept in object persistence and the first step to attaining acceptable performance. Since NHibernate 1.2, all associations are configured for lazy fetching by default; you can easily change this behavior by setting default-lazy="false" in <hibernatemapping> of your mapping files. But we recommend that you keep this strategy and override it at runtime by queries that force eager fetching to occur.
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Introducing query expressions
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Creating a Normal Playlist
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Figure 10 8. Adding a tile property
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Create and fill the DataSet with one or more DataTables Call DataRow.BeginEdit on a DataRow Make changes to the row s data Call DataRow.EndEdit Call SqlDataAdapter.Update to update the underlying database Call DataSet.AcceptChanges (or DataTable.AcceptChanges or DataRow.AcceptChanges)
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Just as in the Feature receiver, you retrieve the SharePoint Service Locator using the GetCurrent method. Rather than retrieving the configuration service, the configured mapped type for IListsService is retrieved using the GetInstance method. The service instance is injected to the constructor of the ListsPresenter together with the current Web Part. That is, both the Model and the View are injected into the Presenter. If you deploy the Web Part and add it to a page, you ll see that it looks exactly the same as before. You haven t changed the Web Part s appearance you ve just decoupled the Presenter from both the Model and the View and made it possible to switch to different implementations of the Model.
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Here is our hypothetical scenario that will drive the Adventure Works Data Miner solution. Despite the sluggish economy in the recent years, Adventure Works Cycles has been enjoying phenomenal business growth. However, the company s expansion has brought its own challenges, first and foremost of which is the most common datarelated problem that there is always too much of it. After analyzing the current situation, you have identified the following problem areas: Historical data is not available. To keep an OLTP system s performance at its peak, the database administrator periodically truncates the sales data. This makes it impossible for business analysts to analyze historical data and discover trends. Data sources are disparate. Data is captured and stored in several OLTP systems. Relating and consolidating data from these systems is very difficult. Performance is slow. Business analysts complain that ad hoc data-mining queries take a long time to execute and sometimes result in errors. Upon further investigation, you have found out that the source of these problems is related to the database locks imposed by the queries in the OLTP database. Standard reports don t address all reporting needs. Although the standard reports produced by RS meet the requirements of most information workers, they don t fully address the needs of the company s business analysts and decision makers. They have requested an OLAP system that will allow them to easily view the data from different angles. To solve the above problems, you propose a Microsoft-centric OLAP solution based on the following approach: A data warehouse will be implemented. DTS processes will extract sales data on a monthly basis, consolidate it, and upload it to a central data warehouse database. An OLAP cube will be created. An Analysis Services cube (Sales cube) will be designed and loaded with the data warehouse data to provide fast response times to data-mining queries.
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Because null and keyword input throw the same exceptions, GetInput s return value is the only way to determine which the user entered. But because of this odd persistence of the previous keyword entry, no sure way exists to determine whether the user entered a keyword or nothing at all. The following code demonstrates a partial workaround for this problem. The technique is to grab the existing keyword from GetInput before calling InitializeUserInput for the second GetXXX method. If, after getting input from the user, the newly entered keyword matches the previous keyword, it s possible that the user entered a null. Public Sub TestGetInputWorkaround() Dim strBeforeKeyword As String Dim strKeyword As String On Error Resume Next With ThisDrawing.Utility ' handle exceptions inline
Proliferating Your Script Object
The Curly Brace Controversy
Access to instance variables is controlled the same way it is in Java, conveniently using the same terminology. Rather than specifying the scope of each variable individually, Objective-C adopts the C++ style of scope directives. The directives @public, @protected, and @private can appear before any variable declaration in the instance variable block of an @interface directive. All variables declared after a scope directive inherit the specified visibility. Listing 3-12 shows four instance variables with varying degrees of visibility.
Connection strategies
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