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The next step of the wizard is about setting the cube dimensions. You can create the cube dimensions as private or shared. A private dimension can be used only within the cube that defines it. A shared dimension can be reused across cubes, similarly to the way a shared report data source can be used by more than one report. Shared dimensions allow us to standardize metrics across multiple cubes and link cubes in queries, very much like the way we can link relational tables by using joins. For the purposes of our demo, we will create all dimensions as shared. Back in the Cube Wizard, click the New Dimension button. The Dimension Wizard appears. We will create several different types of dimensions, starting with the Customer dimension. Setting up the Customer dimension The Customer dimension will allow OLAP users to drill down into the sales data by customer type and name. Follow these steps to set up the Customer dimension: Step 1 Choose the Star Schema radio button to create the Customer dimension from a single table. Step 2 On the next screen, select the Customers table and click Next. Step 3 Because this dimension has two levels, on the next screen select both Customer Type and Name in that order, as shown in figure 12.7. IMPLEMENTING AN OLAP SOLUTION: AW DATA MINER 429
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Creating a Default ColorSet
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You could do this with BDC Meta Man by using the original table, then creating a view for the second step that only returns the key column you re interested in.
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sqlio -kW -t1 -s300 -o1 -fsequential -b8 -LS -Fconfig.txt
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Transactions, concurrency, and caching
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user controls, common functionality can more easily be shared across projects, and productivity can be substantially enhanced.
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This will create a basic project that has a lot of things already set up for you. This simple command created the complete structure of the application, so the only thing left is to create the game object. In this example, I called the project Formic, so it set up the source files for the application delegate and called them FormicAppDelegate.h and FormicAppDelegate.m. It did the same for the view controller, which it created inside an Interface Builder file that it called FormicViewController.xib. It set up the source files for this too, named FormicViewController.h
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card3.Size = new Size(72, 96); Controls.Add(card3); card4 = new PictureBox(); card4.Location = new Point(272, 104); card4.Size = new Size(72, 96); Controls.Add(card4); card5 = new PictureBox(); card5.Location = new Point(360, 104); card5.Size = new Size(72, 96); Controls.Add(card5); }
if ( && totalTime > nextShotTime) { nextShotTime = totalTime + 0.5f; GameScene* game = [GameScene sharedGameScene]; Ship* ship = [game defaultShip]; BulletCache* bulletCache = [game bulletCache]; // Set the position, velocity and spriteframe before shooting CGPoint shotPos = CGPointMake(ship.position.x + [ship contentSize].width * 0.5f, ship.position.y; float spread = (CCRANDOM_0_1() - 0.5f) * 0.5f;
< xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>inviter</key> <string>{{ game.inviter }}</string> <key>invitee</key> <string>{{ game.invitee }}</string> <key>created</key> <date>{{ game.created|date:"Y-m-d\Th:i:s\Z" }}</date> <key>moves</key> <array> {% for move in game.moves %} <string>{{ move }}</string> {% endfor %} </array> </dict> </plist>
Password Domain name Computer name\ instance name
Introducing expression trees
IsEnabled IsTabStop TabIndex TabNavigation Focus method
In order to explicitly identify the objects, we ve added a new Guid property called ObjectId. The value of this column is assigned as part of the Subject s
Suppose you have a string of text, and you need to convert it to all uppercase letters. Or perhaps you need to get the last three characters from the string. How would you do it In PowerShell, strings are objects, and they come with a great many methods. Remember that a method is simply a way of telling the object to do something, usually to itself, and that you can discover the available methods by piping the object to Gm:
The final check is to see if COM automation is available. Technically, this is the only call you re required to make but, if I kept this book just to the required bits, it d be a rehash of our documentation on and would seem too much like work:
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