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The runtime filter sample in chapter 5 used a Feature receiver to modify the web.config file for the web application in which the Feature was activated. Feature receivers are a great way to perform actions that you can t do declaratively in the package, Feature, or elements manifests using the XML syntax. Feature receivers are compiled code and can do basically anything, and they can take advantage of the state and information in the currently targeted Feature scope. You can add receivers to the Feature by right-clicking the feature in the Solution Explorer and selecting Add Event Receiver, as shown in figure 7.1. This will create a class under your Feature node that contains the receiver. By default, all methods are commented out and you need to uncomment those you re going to implement for use. The Feature receivers have two methods that can be used when the solution is installed in the farm. These methods are fired after the installation of the Feature in the farm, and the methods are run on each server in the farm. The activation and deactivation methods are only run on one of the servers in the farm.
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Listing 11.2 Create Book objects from the XML using object initializers
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Task 5-4. Setting the Web Entry Point
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High-availability options
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Using bitmasks
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Set the switch next to AutoBrightness to turn it On or Off.
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DEBUG: ParameterBinding Information: args [Get-Item] DEBUG: ParameterBinding Information: line args [Get-Item] DEBUG: ParameterBinding Information: DYNAMIC parameters. DEBUG: ParameterBinding Information: CHECK on cmdlet [Get-Item] 0 : BIND NAMED cmd line 0 : BIND POSITIONAL cmd 0 : BIND cmd line args to 0 : MANDATORY PARAMETER
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Designing for testability can sometimes feel a little (or a lot) like it s overcomplicating things. You can find yourself adding interfaces where it doesn t feel natural to use interfaces, or exposing class behavior semantics that you hadn t considered before. In particular, when many things have interfaces and are abstracted away, navigating the code base to find the real implementation of a method can become more difficult and annoying. You could argue that using a tool such as ReSharper makes this argument obsolete, because navigation with ReSharper is much easier. I agree that it eases most of the navigational pains. The right tool for the right job can help a lot.
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Now it s time to go back to Interface Builder, create some table views, and set up their bindings to the new arrays we added to DungeonThingAppDelegate. We ll also configure the existing text fields to get their data through bindings. Switch over to Interface Builder, or if you ve closed your nib file, open it again by double-clicking it in Xcode s navigation pane.
Animation and behaviors
a. Click the Debug menu. b. Select the Start Without Debugging item.
The NSError class provides a mechanism for localizing error messages. The localized messages can be stored in the NSError s userInfo dictionary using predefined keys or it can be generated dynamically by overriding its methods. Which you use will depend on your needs. Table 14-6 lists the four messages that will be shown to the user, and the method that returns them. The default implementation of each property accessor is to retrieve the value in the third column from the error s userInfo dictionary. Table 14-6. NSError Localization Methods and userInfo Keys
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