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One final piece is missing. We explore the notion of transitive persistence in much greater detail in the next chapter. For now, we introduce the concepts of cascading save and cascading delete, which you need in order to finish mapping this association. When you instantiate a new Bid and add it to an Item, the bid should become persistent immediately. You want to avoid the need to explicitly make a Bid persistent by calling Save() on the ISession interface. You make one final tweak to the mapping document to enable cascading save:
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WITH 32-BIT PLATFORMS The primary constraint with 32-bit platforms is addressable memory. Without using the AWE option (discussed shortly), 32-bit systems are limited to 4GB addressable memory, 2GB of which is used by the operating system, which leaves only 2GB for user applications like SQL Server. The AWE option allows applications to acquire physical memory above 4GB as nonpaged memory dynamically mapped in the 32-bit address space. Using this technique, SQL Server 2008 is able to address up to 64GB of memory. Although the AWE option allows additional memory to be addressed by SQL Server, it s not without its problems. Overhead is involved in mapping memory in this manner, and the memory can only be used for SQL Server data buffers. Plan cache, sort space, and various other SQL Server resources are unable to use such memory. In contrast, 64-bit SQL Server has no such limitations, offering many advantages:
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Mapping fields and properties to table columns makes the columns available to LINQ. Figure 2-1 shows the Person table s structure. We want to make all the columns available to LINQ as properties of the Person class. Note that the first column is the primary key. It s also an IDENTITY column, so SQL Server automatically sets its value.
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public static DependencyProperty ElementAProperty; public static DependencyProperty ElementBProperty; public static DependencyProperty CurrentElementProperty; public ABSwitcher() { }
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BeginInvoke is a compiler-generated method that allows a delegate to be executed asynchronously. This is accomplished using the ThreadPool class.
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Table 4-3. Continued
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Both Query Analyzer and SSMS provide the ability to call T-SQL code with custom keyboard shortcuts. You can define the shortcuts using the main menus of those applications (note that the way you define the shortcuts in both applications is slightly different). To define custom shortcuts in Query Analyzer:
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public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); } private PrintDocument _document = new PrintDocument(); private void Print_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { _document.PrintPage += (s, ea) => { Debug.WriteLine("Printing page"); Print entire ea.PageVisual = this; ea.HasMorePages = false; }; _document.Print("Silverlight screen print"); } }
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Now that you have successfully downloaded and started the installation file on your Mac, you should see a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 26 56. This screen will have a main heading that says something like, Welcome to the iTunes Installer. Follow these steps to complete the installation process.
Setting Restrictions
splitter. We will create a vertical splitter in our MyAlbumExplorer application, and then discuss how to turn this into a horizontal splitter.
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