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Mounting Volumes
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These are the FICC properties: fast, isolated, configuration-free, and consistent. If it s hard to write such a test, or it takes a long time to write it, the system isn t testable. If you think of tests as a user of your system, designing for testability becomes a way of thinking. If you were doing test-driven development, you d have no choice but to write a testable system, because in TDD the tests come first and largely determine the API design of the system, forcing it to be something that the tests can work with. Now that you know what a testable design is, let s look at what it entails, go over the pros and cons of such design decisions, and discuss alternatives to the testable design approach.
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But the real power of SQL lies in querying data.
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To tell if the lock is available you must first try to acquire it. If successful, we release it and return true. Otherwise, we return false. It is important to release the lock as soon as it is acquired. We would not want our checking the availability of the lock to make it unavailable for long periods of time. It is important to always release a lock after it is no longer needed. The following method will acquire the lock and never release it. This will keep all other threads from using the lock:
LINQ to XML class hierarchy
Using stored procedures and temp tables is the number one problem I address on the newsgroups. I use temp tables successfully and extensively with both SQL Server and Sybase. If you follow these guidelines, it ll work for you: If your field list isn t showing up, then in RS 2000 and RS 2005, go to the Data tab and click on the Refresh Fields button, which is to the right of the dataset drop-down box. If you re in RS 2008, pull up the dataset properties by doubleclicking on the dataset and click on the Refresh Fields command button. Don t explicitly drop the temp tables. Let the temp tables fall out of scope. It s not necessary to explicitly drop the tables, as SQL Server will properly dispose of them when they re no longer needed. If you do explicitly drop them, the stored procedure won t work with RS. Have your last statement be a SELECT. If none of these work, then add SET FMTONLY OFF. Simon Sabin, a SQL Server MVP, provided me with this tip a long time ago. Here s his explanation: The issue with RS is that the rowset of the SP is defined by calling the SP with SET FMTONLY ON because temp tables don t get created if you select from the temp table the metadata from the rowset can t be returned. Turning FMTONLY OFF in the SP bypasses this issue. I ve found this to only be an issue when you create a temp table in your stored procedure that s then filled with data from another stored procedure.
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