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public class Repository { ... private ObservableCollection<Emoticon> _emoticons; public ObservableCollection<Emoticon> Emoticons { get { return _emoticons; } } }
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The choose from list command is defined in the Standard Additions dictionary. It allows a user to choose an item from a list of strings. The result can be a list of items or simply false if the user clicks the cancel button. The following script allows the user to choose from a list of three cities: choose from list {"Los Angeles", "Boston", "Atlanta"} The choose from list command has a few parameters that define the titles of the buttons and the item-selection behavior.
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Listing 4.12 The XmlRep report program
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The PrintedPageCount property contains the number of pages sent to the print driver. This doesn t necessarily correspond to the number of pages physically printed, as printers are typically much slower than the PC they re attached to. But it s useful as a general way of reporting status to the user. PrintedPageCount is a read-only dependency property, so you can bind to that in XAML. Continuing from our example in listing 19.1, we can modify the code and XAML as shown in listing 19.2 to support this. Add the TextBlock in the XAML to the spot reserved with the comment.
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The Authoring Connector should be available on the File menu in Word. If it s missing or unavailable, the Authoring Connector add-in may not have been registered or there was a background instance of Word running during installation. You must verify if the installation was a success, and allow the add-in by accepting any warning dialog boxes. You must close all instances of Word before you reinstall it.
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The first half of main.c is pretty straightforward. The variable myInt is defined to be of type int. Then, myInt is assigned a value of 5. Next comes the tricky part.
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Before you get too carried away with the thought that public cloud providers have economies of scale beyond the reach of anyone else because of the amount they spend on hardware and data centers, you should ground yourself with a few facts. Let s assume that Google, Amazon, and Microsoft each spend $10 billion per year next year on cloud infrastructure. That amount is only a drop in the bucket compared to the total amount of money spent annually on IT worldwide. The financial services industry alone will spend over 50 times that much on IT in 2010 (~$500 billion).
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public void SetData(ObservableCollection<NameValuePair> data) { dataPoints = data; dataPoints.CollectionChanged += new NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler(dataPoints_CollectionChanged); Update(); } void dataPoints_CollectionChanged(object sender, NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e) { Update(); } public double GetLargestValue() { // Code is identical to implementation in the last chapter }
JWindow JComponent
There are a couple things to note in this example. First (and most important) is that when you first add a synthetic member to an object, you re really creating a new object (but not a new type). This new object wraps the original object in an instance of System.Management.Automation.PSObject. Just as System.Object is the root of the type system in .NET, PSObject is the root of the synthetic type system in PowerShell. For this reason, we assign the result of the Add-Member call
Objective-C and the Cocoa development frameworks
by Territory report via the Report Server Web service and pass 2010 as the Year parameter, the Report Server will throw an Invalid Parameter exception. Now that you have seen cascading parameters in action, let s visit a new feature in RS 2005 called multivalued parameters. 3.5.4 Working with multivalued parameters New in SQL Reporting Services 2005, multivalued parameters allow you to choose more than one value for a particular parameter and use the results in your SQL query. With RS 2000 you had to work hard to get this functionality to work. As you saw in table 3.2 in section 3.4.3, each report level parameter has five attributes that let you alter a parameter s functionality. The Multi-Value attribute will change the way that the parameter field works when the report is rendered. If you are working with a text field, the parameter field will allow you to enter multiple values by entering data and pressing Enter between values. Typically you ll select the Multi-Value check box when you are working with a drop-down list of items, such as Territories. We see some examples of how to use multivalued parameters in chapter 4.
retrieving 121 133 by identifier 122 123 See also domain model object identity and caching 154 object referencing 16 object retrieval, optimizing p249 255 object role modeling 21 object.ReferenceEquals() 76 77 object/relational impedance mismatch 12 object/relational mapping (ORM) 4, 14 defined 21 23 problems in 125 reasons to use 21 23 triggers combined with 303 without domain model 54 object/relational persistence 76 ObjectDataSource 314 object-oriented programming (OOP) 7, 12 object-oriented viewpoint 12 ObjectViews 13 data binding with 315 Observer pattern 278 applying to an entity 307 309 on clause, specifying join condition 223 one-to-many 87 88 one-to-many association 198 one-to-one association 189 193, 232 implicit join 228 OnFlushDirty() 281 OnSave() 281 282 OOP. See object-oriented programming (OOP) OpenSession() 28 operations, grouping 60 operator comparison, and restriction 218 logical 221 optimistic locking 142, 147 alternative implementations 151 vs. pessimistic 149 optimistic offline locking 147 149 optimistic-lock attribute 151 Oracle. See relational database management system order by clause 221 order-by 185
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