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Automation is valuable, and unless you re in the process of starting out and trying to get any experience, you should charge good money for it. Along with charging money comes the question of how much to charge. To figure out how much to charge, you have to look at two variables: one is the value of your services to the client, and the other is the value of your time. The ultimate situation is where the difference between the two is the greatest for instance, say you figure out that the job will save the company approximately $200,000 over two years, and it will realistically take you 50 hours to create. Now, even if you figure your time is worth $250 per hour, you come out at $12,500. The ratio is huge. You can easily ask for $20,000 to $30,000 and know that even at less than that you will do fine.
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NS_DURING NSLog(@"%s trying",__func__); [self thrower]; NS_HANDLER NSLog(@"caught NSException: %@",localException); [localException raise]; NS_ENDHANDLER The legacy NS_DURING, NS_HANDLER, and NS_ENDHANDLER preprocessor macros expanded to C code that used the C longjmp( ) functions to create the necessary execution flow control. There was only one handler block, which caught all exceptions. The variable localException contained the caught exception. There was no finally block. Exceptions were thrown by sending the -raise messages to an NSException object. Table 14-3 shows the legacy exception syntax and its modern equivalent. Table 14-3. Legacy and Modern Exception Syntax
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Company: Wooji Juice Location: London, UK
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new XElement("book", new XAttribute("pubDate", "July 31, 2006"));
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The perform command is a bit different from click but can sometimes have the same effect. The perform command will perform the action associated with a particular UI element. You use perform instead of click when the UI element whose action you want to execute is not one you can click, such as a text field. Clicking a text field will place the insertion point in it but will not perform any action that is built into it. Another example is that a window element may perform the raise action, which brings it to the front of other windows in the application.
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Note that you can set the FontSize and the vertical and horizontal alignment. The thing that you could not have done in Windows Forms is easily mark part of the text as bold and part as italic.
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PrintQueue queue = printDialog.PrintQueue; XpsDocumentWriter docWriter = PrintQueue.CreateXpsDocumentWriter(queue); docWriter.Write(fixedDocument.DocumentPaginator); } }
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If you open the SCM menu again you will see that there is now a second item, entitled Repositories. Choose this, and you see the Repositories window. This window gives you some useful options for managing your repositories and projects. The first thing you are going to do here is to import the TemperatureConverter project. Click on the Import
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And we see that the log has been cleared. B.6.3 Getting remote event logs One feature that is conspicuously missing from the Get-EventLog cmdlet is the ability to access the event logs on other machines. Fortunately, this is easy to work around by constructing the EventLog objects directly. For example, to access the event log on a machine named test1 , we can use the following command.
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public object NullSafeGet(IDataReader dr, string[] names, object owner ){ object obj = NHibernateUtil.Double.NullSafeGet(dr, names[0]); if ( obj==null ) return null; double valueInUSD = (double) obj; return new MonetaryAmount(valueInUSD, "USD"); } public void NullSafeSet(IDbCommand cmd, object obj, int index) { if (obj == null) { ((IDataParameter)cmd.Parameters[index]).Value = DBNull.Value; } else { MonetaryAmount anyCurrency = (MonetaryAmount)obj; MonetaryAmount amountInUSD = MonetaryAmount.Convert( anyCurrency, "USD" );
5. on calculate_rectangle_area () 6. return the_width * the_height 7. end get_area What happens when you run the script You get the following error on line 6: The variable the_width is not defined. But how can that be when you had both variables defined in the script Well, as soon as you started executing the subroutine, the local variables you declared and assigned values to at the top level of the script (in other words, in the implicit run handler) were no longer visible to you. So, what are your options First let s look at global variables. Let s run the same script with a slight modification; instead of declaring the variables the_width and the_height as local variables, declare them as global variables: 1. global the_width, the_height --Now it's needed, but is it nice Now that the variables are global, their reach or in programming terms, their scope spans the run handler and any other subroutine you defined.
Samples of call stacks Allocation information File operations Information about specific function calls
.NET 3.5 The version of .NET that ships with Visual Studio 2008. New projects should generally use this. Technically, the latest version of Visual Studio ships with .NET 3.5 SP1, but this difference should rarely be an issue because anyone who has .NET 3.5 will probably already have received 3.5 SP1 via Windows Update. .NET 3.0 The version of .NET that ships with Windows Vista. If you want to target Vista development without requiring a .NET install, this is what you should choose. Note that a 3.5 application will run on Windows Vista without installing .NET 3.0 right up until the point where you use something that s only available in 3.5. .NET 2.0 The version of .NET associated with Visual Studio 2005. Use this for backwards compatibility. If you select it, a number of options will go away.
sense of the pipeline parameter binding process.
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