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18.1 18.2 18.3 18.4 J# s Thread class 301 The Runnable interface 314 Concurrency control in J# 317 Summary 328
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CPU architecture
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public void Bid(decimal Amount, string BiddersName) { if (ItemLock.IsWriterLockHeld) { throw new Exception("Writer Lock held before acquire"); } if (ItemLock.IsReaderLockHeld) { throw new Exception("Reader Lock held before acquire"); } ItemLock.AcquireReaderLock(Timeout.Infinite); Initially acquire try a reader lock { if (DateTime.Now > TheAuctionEnds) { throw new Exception("Auction has ended"); } See if we need to if (Amount > TheCurrentPrice) acquire a writer lock { ItemLock.UpgradeToWriterLock(60000); Upgrade to if (!ItemLock.IsWriterLockHeld) a writer lock { throw new Exception("Writer Lock not held after upgrade"); } if (Amount > TheCurrentPrice) Check to see if { we re still the TheCurrentPrice = Amount; highest bidder TheBiddersName=BiddersName;
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Data Type
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Method Dispatching
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PS (2) > $a = 13
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Listing 7.3 Parses Atom via WireFeed model; prints items reading barcode 128
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The handler variable is introduced to improve readability. The key element is the += operator being applied to the ReceiveCompleted event. When a BeginReceive operation completes, and no callback has been passed to BeginReceive, the ReceiveCompleted event will be raised. Using BeginReceive with a callback Another way of receiving messages asynchronously is to pass a callback to BeginReceive. Listing 17.13 contains an example showing the use of a callback with the BeginReceive method.
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We re leaving out the time stamp and process ID that NSLog() adds to the output of Word-Length-1.
C HA P T E R 5 s R U LE C R E AT I O N
ook around you, and you will find that the environment in which you script is chock-full of raw material numbers, text, data, dates, and other values taken from files, documents, web pages, databases, and user input. All these values won t amount to anything without you molding them into something else. In fact, a large portion of scripting is taking values, changing them, and forming new values to your liking. Since operators and operations are everywhere in AppleScript, they are covered extensively throughout the book. You will mainly find operations covered in the chapters devoted to numbers and math, text and strings, dates and time, and so on. This chapter aims to tie up the loose ends but not to cover what is extensively covered in other, more targeted chapters.
When implementing this change, we should keep in mind the fact that forms other than our MainForm class might be contained by this array. The following steps detail a solution for this change with this fact in mind.
One cool feature of the iPhone is that you can turn on the VoiceOver feature so that the iPhone will speak anything on the screen. You can even get it to read to you from any email, text document, or even an iBook page. TIP: Use your headphones when VoiceOver is on and you are in a public place to better hear what is said and to avoid bothering others. To enable VoiceOver: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tap the Settings icon. Tap General. Tap Accessibility near the bottom of the page. Tap VoiceOver. Set the VoiceOver switch to On.
CHAPTER 20: The Amazing App Store
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