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You can move the screen with your finger to look at the route, or just touch the arrows at the bottom to show the route in step-by-step snapshots.
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If you like educational content, then check out iTunes U. You will be able to see whether your university, college, or school has its own section. One good example we discovered in just a few minutes of browsing around was a panel discussion with three Nobel Prize winning economists moderated by Paul Solman (Economic correspondent for the PBS News Hour). You can find the podcast in iTunes U Universities & Colleges Boston University BUNIVERSE - Business Audio. Like much of the content in iTunes U, it was free!
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Host Headers Support
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Once you find an App that interests you, there are many options to choose from so that you can be sure that a particular App is for you. Figure 20 2 shows you some of the options available.
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Dragging, Rotating, and Scaling
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Step 1: Contact Your Organization s Help Desk
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Note: We ignore the value returned by the ShowDialog method.
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Using the Quit Command in a Script
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The Snapshot command accepts as a parameter value the date and time when the snapshot was generated. The snapshot time has to be converted to GMT. Commands for interactive features One of the most valuable aspects of URL access is that it supports all of the interactive features that we discussed in chapters 4 and 5. There are a few commands that you can use to control these interactive features. For example, in chapter 4 we authored a report (Employee Sales Tabular Interactive .rdl) that demonstrated visible-on-demand sections. Specifically, the Product Subcategory sections are hidden when the report is initially requested but can be expanded by clicking the plus sign (+). Instead of hiding all items, sometimes you may need to show a certain section expanded. To accomplish this, you can use the ShowHideToggle command, for example:
The procedure map_search_five
The iPhone 4 is great for watching your favorite TV shows. You can purchase TV shows from the iTunes store, and you can download sample shows from some iPhone 4 apps, such as the Hulu Plus app. Just scroll down to the TV Shows category separator to see the shows you have downloaded on your iPhone 4. Scroll through your available shows and touch Play. The video controls work just like the controls when you watch a movie.
@implementation Circle - (void) draw { NSLog (@"drawing a circle at (%d %d %d %d) in %@", bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, colorName(fillColor));
NHibernate doesn t manage persistent associations. If you want to manipulate an association, you must write exactly the same code you would write without NHibernate. If an association is bidirectional, both sides of the relationship must be considered. Anyway, this is required if you want to use your objects without NHibernate (for testing or with the UI).
Listin g 7-5. Absent Object Behavior
const int DaysPerYear = 365; // The constant value here is calculated by the compiler. const double AlmostPi = 22.0 / 7.0; // A constant taken from a public enumeration. public enum Weekday = { Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat }; protected const Weekday FirstDayOfWeek = Sun;
Two boolean literals exist: true and false.
Our final task in this chapter is to set the behavior for resizing using the Anchor property for our controls, and establish a minimum size for the form so that our PictureBox control does not disappear. This will finish our duplication of the application created in chapter 1. The remainder of this book will use Visual Studio .NET when discussing applications changes, so we will carry the MyPhotos application into chapter 3 and beyond.
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