.NET Table 6.5 SaveFileDialog class in C#

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And once we have an Atom version of the library, all we ll have to do is change the first line to the line shown below, which instantiates an Atom client rather than the MetaWeblog API we were using before:
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System-Level Role System User System Administrator
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notification and then touch the Sounds button in the top left-hand corner to set your selection.
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private ArrayList _photoArray; // Constructor and other wrappers // Custom Add wrapper public int Add(Photograph photo) { return _photoArray.Add(photo); } }
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Writing real-world domain models
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Recurring Events
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To be as efficient as possible, you will be building the UV coordinate array alongside the vertex array during the update phase. To do this, you will need the min/max of your UV coordinates. You calculate those from the texturedQuad and store them for later:
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SELECT DISTINCT [LastName],[FirstName] FROM [Person].[Contact] WHERE [LastName] LIKE '%quist'
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Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
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Listing 4.3 Adding dynamic validation groups to a Visual Web Part
Form Factor
You can see the same set of PS* properties with the PowerShell (PS) prefix on the object, even though they are completely different types. Take a look at these properties. They allow you to work with these two different objects in the same way. This means that you can always tell if an object might have children by looking at the PSIsContainer property, regardless of the type of the underlying object. And you can always get the path to the object through the PSPath property. We call this type of adaptation object normalization. By adding this set of synthetic properties to all objects returned from the provider infrastructure, it becomes possible to write scripts that are independent of the type of object that the provider surfaces. This makes the scripts both simpler and more reusable. 8.2.3 Using Add-Member to extend objects The Add-Member cmdlet is the easiest way to add a new member to an object instance, either an existing object or a synthetic object. It can be used to add any type of member supported by the PowerShell type system. The list of possible member types that can be added with Add-Member is shown in table 8.1. We ll work through some examples showing how to use these members. We ll use an instance of the string Hi there to do this. For convenience, we ll store it in a variable $s as shown:
The most significant transformation IT has ever undergone
DAL. See Data Access Layer Data Access Layer 236 data binding 56, 209 data converters 254 data templates 253 Data Transfer Object 235 DataContextChanged 249 DataContexts 230 DataSet 211 DataTable 211 DataTemplate 248 DataTemplateSelector 275, 277
This concludes our walkthrough of your first Visual Web Part and traditional Web Part using Visual Studio 2010. This chapter explored the two ways of creating Web Parts and introduced the SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio 2010. You learned the build, package, and deploy routines used when working with SharePoint, both to a fully trusted location and into a sandbox. In the next chapter, we ll continue to build Web Parts and take a deeper look on how to build the user interface.
var publisher = book.Publisher; var reviews = from review in book.Reviews orderby review.Rating select review;
Apple knows that, most of the time, we will use at least one of the classes, so it inserts comments for our convenience as follows:
Figure 5-4. The input dialog box asks the user to enter a date. Line 3 assigns the user s typed text to the user_date variable. The value of user_date is a string that was returned from the display dialog command. So how do you check whether the date is valid You try to convert it into a value of class date. You re counting on that if the date is not valid, trying to convert it into a date object will return an error. Therefore, you put the whole statement into a try block. That try block actually takes over the rest of the script. It starts on line 4 and ends on line 12. If anything goes wrong in lines 5 to 9 that causes an error, the on error part will be executed, telling the user to try again. You start on line 5 by attempting to convert the string the user entered into a date object using a date specifier. If the date string the user supplied converted properly into a date object, you continue by asking the user whether that was really the date they meant to enter. Maybe they mistyped something, or perhaps AppleScript had a different idea of what date was intended. So on line 6 you display an interesting dialog box, shown in Figure 5-5. Part of the dialog box s message presents the user s date as a nicely formatted string, which you obtain from the property date string of the date object. I ll discuss this and other properties of the date object in 5; however, the date string property contains a string that describes the date portion of the date object.
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