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running Dir | More. You can press Ctrl-C within PowerShell to stop the command from running once you ve had enough. A lot of administrators use the angle bracket to perform redirection. For example, dir > file.txt will redirect the output of the Dir command into the text file File.txt. You can use the same technique in PowerShell. You can even do the double-angle trick, where the content will be appended to the specified file: Dir >> file.txt.
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Then retrieve the file. You can see how the attribute has been added to the top node in the document.
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Background glow Provides some glow from behind object
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This just takes one of the range structures as input and returns a float value that lies somewhere in that range. Easy! The downside to this approach is that there are lots of little things to tweak to get the exact effect you want. You will get to see this firsthand later in the chapter.
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Simple enough we set the Background property of the entire grid to Blue and the Foreground property on the TextBlock to White. These, by the way, are from the web list of colors that you might recognize from HTML or the color selector from Windows Forms. We can also specify colors in Hex:
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Check for valid salary
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Captures the report RS stores the report IF in the execution at a SnapshotData table and specific point of time, serves all requests from it. usually on a regular basis.
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Operation description Get a listing of the current directory
<webParts> <webPart xmlns=""> <metaData> <type name="MyBDC.AjaxBDCWebPart, MyBDC.AjaxBDCWebPart, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=[[InsertPublicKeyToken]]" /> <importErrorMessage>Cannot import this Web Part.</importErrorMessage> </metaData>
Implement the SaveSettings method to store the results after the user has clicked OK.
Single and double-quoted strings Because of the expression-mode/command-mode parsing dichotomy described in chapter 2, there are several ways strings can be represented. In expression mode, a string is denoted by a sequence of characters surrounded by matching quotes, as shown in the following example:
Out-of-the-box BDC Web Parts
Figure 4 6. MobileMe control panel showing the iDisk tab
CHAPTER 25: Troubleshooting
Learning More About the and or Operators
IDisposable and the Using Statement
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