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4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 Installing IIS 6 68 The IIS architecture 73 Configuring an ASP.NET application IIS authentication 89 Summary 94 78
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PS C:\> get-wmiobject win32_computersystem -comp $var Domain Manufacturer : company.pri : VMware, Inc.
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subcontrols 80 Summary Links 35, 397 SummaryViewPageUrl 299 Supervising Controller 313, 315 support 201 202 SyncChanges method 84, 127, 132 synchronization 227, 230 System Account 8 System.ComponentModel 137 Systems Center Operations Manager 207
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This function isn t terribly different from the original one (refer back to listing 19.5 to see that one). I ve added a BEGIN block B and, at the end of the function, an END block e. Whatever s inside of the BEGIN block will execute the first time this function is called in the pipeline; the END block will execute when the function is almost finished. As you can see, I don t put any code in these, so nothing will happen during those two stages. I could omit BEGIN and END entirely, but I like to include them to keep the structure consistent across all of my functions. The PROCESS script block is where the magic happens c. This block will execute one time for each object that s piped into the function (if you don t pipe in any input, the PROCESS block will execute once). This script expects computer names to be piped in, so if you pipe in four names, the PROCESS block will run four times. Each time, the $_ placeholder d will be automatically populated with a new object from the pipeline. But rather than utilizing $_ directly, I ve copied its object into the $computername variable. Doing so has two advantages: First, my commands were already using $computername, so continuing to use it means less work for me. Second, the variable name is clearer than $_, making it easier for me to keep track of what the variable is supposed to contain. There s a third, overlooked advantage: $_ will be repopulated if an error occurs, so by copying it to $computername now, I won t lose the initial value. The last line of the script shows how you would execute this function: pipe a bunch of string objects to it. So long as those objects are computer names, everything should work fine. Another way to execute it would be this:
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This chapter covers
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One lesson to pull from this code is to always initialize your variables, preferably right where they are defined. In the previous example, no harm was done, since we initialized i in the for loop. But suppose we used i in a different way and simply forgot to initialize it. The random nature of uninitialized variables can make bugs very hard to track down. Take a look at this version of the same code:
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Stroke is the property on an ellipse that controls the outline color. We re using the
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Installing Site Manager
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The Data Model
SyncAdapter properties
than three"} than 7"}}
Note Extract the iislockd.exe file as indicated in this procedure. Do not run the
Figure 21 7. Selecting multiple images to email.
PS (6) > select-string -quiet -list wildcard $pshome/about*.txt about_Comparison_operators.help.txt:28: -like comparison "one" -like "o*" true wildcard
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