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Render ECC200 in C#.net THE CONTROL CLASS

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @interface SlowWorkerAppDelegate : NSObject {
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If you have the latest version, you will see a pop-up window saying something like This version of the iPad software (3.2) is the current version. Click OK to close the window. If you do not have the latest version, then a window will tell you a new version is available and ask if you would like to update. Click Yes or Update. Then iTunes will download the latest iPad OS from Apple. This might take a while if you have a slower Internet connection on your computer. Next iTunes will backup your iPad, which might take a while if your iPad is full with data.
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PS C:\> invoke-command -command { get-wmiobject -class win32_process } -session (get-pssession -comp loc*)
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How much the network delays impact the report request s total latency depends to a great extent on the type of the reporting application and your deployment scenario. For example, with intranet-based reporting applications deployed on a 100Mb corporate network, network latency may not be an issue at all. However, it may become a constraining factor with Internet-oriented solutions, where slow dial-up connections are still prevalent. One way to reduce the network delays on the trip from the Report Server back to the client is to minimize the network traffic by requesting reports by URL instead of SOAP. As we discussed in chapter 9, the latter access option adds about 20 30 percent overhead for serializing the report s payload to a binary array. Minimizing the application s latencies is often more of an art than a science. With custom applications, you would typically use code profilers to determine which code sections take up the most time and seek ways to optimize them. Of course, with RS, this is not an option because you don t have access to its source code. Instead, you need to focus on optimization techniques within your reach. For example, as we discussed in chapter 7, you can use several report-caching techniques to minimize the report s processing time. If caching doesn t conflict with your particular reporting requirements, we recommend that you use it abundantly. For example, the easiest way to reduce the time spent on the Report Server to generate a report is not to generate it at all but to serve it from a cached copy. Another potential area that may negatively affect the latency of the server-side application is the time required to process the report query. If you determine that the database is a constraining factor, you can use query profilers, such as the Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyzer, to find out how you can optimize your report queries. Alternatively, you can use the report s execution log (see section 16.2.1) to determine how much time the Report Server has spent on processing the query and executing and rendering the report. How can I get a latency breakdown of the request-response round trip I hear you ask. I ve used a third-party tool, Compuware Application Expert, to a great degree of success to address similar questions with my performance-related projects. To use this tool, you first need to capture the network traffic of the request-response round trip using network-tracing tools, such as the Microsoft Network Monitor. For the best results, you may want to obtain network traces from all nodes involved in your reporting UNDERSTANDING CAPACITY PLANNING 569
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Listing 10.1 Adding a command binding to our main window
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Placing SQL Server in your pocket
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Functions Are Values
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Cocos2d comes with a number of built-in particle effects that give you a good idea of the kinds of effects they ll produce. You can use them as placeholders in your game or subclass and modify the examples defined in the CCParticleExamples.m file if you just want to apply some minor tweaks. The good thing about them is that you don t need any outside help; you create the example particle effects as if they were simple CCNode objects. As a matter of fact, they are actually derived from CCNode. I created a project called ParticleEffects01 that shows all the cocos2d example particle effects. You can cycle through the examples by quickly tapping the screen and you can also drag and move them with your finger. Many particle effects look totally different as soon as they start moving, so what seems like just a huge blob of particles may well work as an engine exhaust effect if it is moving.
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CREATE PROCEDURE SplitString @StringToSplit varchar(1000), @Delimiter varchar(10) AS SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING(@Delimiter + @StringToSplit + @Delimiter, number + 1, CHARINDEX(@Delimiter, @Delimiter + @StringToSplit + @Delimiter, number + 1) - number -1) As StringItem FROM Numbers WHERE number <= LEN(@Delimiter + @StringToSplit + @Delimiter) - 1 AND SUBSTRING(@Delimiter + @StringToSplit + @Delimiter, number, 1) = @Delimiter ORDER BY StringItem GO
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Figure 14.17 The Maintenance Plan Wizard automates the creation and scheduling of important maintenance tasks.
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As in all Visual Basic collections, the Blocks collection supports iteration using a For ... Each loop. The following example iterates through the Blocks collection, displaying each Block object s name in a message box: Public Sub ListBlocks() Dim objBlock As AcadBlock Dim strBlockList As String strBlockList = "List of blocks: " For Each objBlock In ThisDrawing.Blocks strBlockList = strBlockList & vbCr & objBlock.Name Next MsgBox strBlockList End Sub
CHAPTER 4: You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
Development tools
Synchronized Methods
If you re writing a desktop application that uses the Feeds API, you may need to monitor events in the Windows RSS Platform. For example, if you re writing a newsfeed reader that displays the user s newsfeed subscriptions in a tree control, you ll want to update that tree whenever the user subscribes to a new newsfeed. Or, if you re writing a podcasting client, you might want to alert your users when a new podcast has been downloaded. You can do both of those things and more with the Feeds API s support for feed and folder events. Table 6.1 lists the folderand feed-level events you can monitor using the Feeds API.
project, reference this assembly, and press Ctrl-Alt-J.
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Note For additional information about deployment, refer to http://www.microsoft.
You can really expand the size of your font in Contacts, Mail, Messages and Notes using the Large Text feature. 1. 2. 3. Tap the Settings icon. Tap General. Tap Accessibility near the bottom of the page (you need to swipe down). Tap Large Text. You will then see a screen of font size options going from Off, 20pt text, 24pt, 32pt, 40pt, 48pt and 56pt text. Tap the size you want to use. The image shown to the right is using 48pt font. Tap the Accessibility button in the upper left corner to return to the previous screen, then tap the Home button to exit Settings.
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