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Figure 13-29. The Button Attribute pane
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column, non-nullable unique index. SQL Server requires this in order to perform its ranking functions, discussed later in this chapter. The fourth line, ON AdventureWorksFTC, is optional if you have AdventureWorks as your default catalog. If you omit it, the full-text index will be placed into the default catalog. If you have multiple catalogs for your system, you can add the catalog name in order to place your new full-text index in a catalog other than the default. The next line, WITH CHANGE_TRACKING, is probably the most important line in the statement. It defines how SQL Server will manage your full-text index; therefore, understanding the options is key to understanding how your index will get updated. The AUTO option is the most straightforward, so we ll tackle it first. With AUTO, every time a row in your table is updated, SQL Server will update the fulltext index associated with that table. This is by far the easiest way to manage your fulltext indexes, but it can cause performance penalties if your table has a large number of updates in a short time span. I d like to give you a more definitive statement than large, but it depends on a variety of variables. How beefy is your server How much RAM is installed What s the speed of the disks And is the catalog on the same drive as the database or a different one All of these come into play; my best advice is to set up your index in a test environment with the change tracking set to AUTO, and then test with a load that simulates your production environment. If you can measure an unacceptable decrease in performance, you can instead set change tracking to MANUAL. With MANUAL change tracking, each time a row is updated in your table, SQL Server sets an internal flag that marks that row as having been updated but no action is taken to update your full-text index. To update the full-text index, you must issue an ALTER command, which we ll cover in detail shortly. This method is much more efficient and faster than using AUTO. It does have a downside, though, in that there s a time delay. You have to set up a job using SQL Server s job agent to issue the ALTER command at a frequency acceptable to your users. Thus, there will be some time delay between when a user updates a record in a table and when that data is available to be full-text searched on. For tables with large numbers of updates, MANUAL is definitely the preferred method. The last option, OFF, will create the full-text index and populate it, but then cause no further updates to the index to be exercised. It won t track changes to the table, as with manual mode, nor will it set up the index to be automatically updated. OFF mode would be useful with static tables tables where you don t plan on doing updates. Perhaps these are lookup tables, or they re tables from a legacy system you want to be able to report on for historical purposes, but that will never be updated. With all three options, when you create the index, SQL Server immediately populates the full-text index from the source table. There may be times when this is undesirable. With AUTO or MANUAL, you don t have much choice, but with OFF mode, there s an additional option: OFF, NO POPULATION. When you tack on NO POPULATION, SQL Server will create the full-text index but not populate it. This would be useful when you want to break your scripts into two parts one to create the full-text indexes, and
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Calling functions and commands PowerShell functions are commands and are invoked like commands, not like methods. This means that if you have a function called my-function that takes three arguments, it will be invoked like:
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autoreleased. blueColor returns a global singleton object a single object that s shared by every program that needs it and won t actually ever get destroyed, but you don t need to worry about those implementation details. All you need to know is that you do not need to explicitly release the color.
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PS (3) > "$x * 2 is $($x * 2)" 3 * 2 is 6 PS (4) >
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The completed Add Content Source page
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- (id) initWithPressure: (float) p { if (self = [super init]) { pressure = p; treadDepth = 20.0; } return (self); } // initWithPressure
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CHAPTER 7: Dragging, Rotating, and Scaling
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Remember that the name property will copy its string, so the new car will have the proper name. Next, a copy of the engine is made, and the car copy is told to use that for its engine:
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This is similar, at least in spirit, to the DisplayAlbumProperties method.
Uniqueness constraints
SQL Server 2008 includes a rich array of options that can be employed as parts of a
NaturalDuration 580 NaturalVideoHeight 583 NaturalVideoWidth 583 NavigateUri 241 NavigationCacheMode 399 NavigationContext 398 NewItemTemplate 301 NewValue 256 NumericButtonCount 487 Offset 526 OldValue 256 Opacity 140, 533 Operator 482 Order 305 Orientation 176 OriginalSource 194, 196 Oscillations 663 OutlineColor 201 OverlayBrush 412 OverlayOpacity 412 Padding 143, 215, 236 PageMargins 547 548 PageSize 486 PageVisual 547, 549 Parent 77, 146 Password 224 PasswordChar 224 PixelFormat 610 PixelHeight 610 PixelWidth 610 Platform 82 PlatformKeyCode 192 Points 519 520 Position 198, 581 PrintableArea 547 548 PrintedPageCount 544, 546 progress 728 Prompt 305 Property 256 property paths 30 PropertyChangedCallback 255 QueryString 398 Quota 131 Radius 532 RadiusX 518, 528 RadiusY 518, 528 ReadOnlyTemplate 301 ReceiverName 378 RenderedFramesPerSecond 582 RenderingTime 149 RepeatBehavior 645 646 Resources 672, 676 ResourceType 306
An introduction to indexes
.NET Table 12.1 KeyPressEventArgs class
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On the other hand, people have a strong idea of how expressions should work:
CHAPTER 26: Your iTunes User Guide
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