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Figure 14.4 Right-clicking any of the queries shown in the Recent Expensive Queries pane allows the graphical execution plan of the query to be displayed.
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After choosing to save the security configuration in the witness instance, the next three steps are to configure the principal (see figure 11.13), mirror, and witness instances. In each case, we select the instance to use, the TCP port, the endpoint name, and the encryption choice. Other than the instance name, all other options are supplied with default values, as shown in figure 11.13.
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if (node.Parent == null) { // Top-level node LoadAlbumData(fileName); } else if (Path.GetExtension(fileName) == ".abm") { // Album node selected PhotoAlbum album = OpenTreeAlbum(node); LoadPhotoData(album); } else // must be a photograph { // Just clear the list for now. listViewMain.Clear(); } }
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Making the calculator work
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QA, and cloud computing 68 quality of service (QoS) 6, 29 Quantcast 61 62 query load 106
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Report Improves execution performance by caching potentially serving all report requests from the same cached IF instance. Snapshot caching
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Performing an XSL transformation Now that we ve generated the person.xml file, let s transform it to HTML for display. First, we specify the XSLT rules and place them in the file person.xsl, shown in figure 4.11. Unfortunately, XSLT is a complex and often confusing topic worthy of a book in its own right. However, the .NET SDK comes with several examples which you can study. In the meantime, we ll just note that this file has just two rules of the form:
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Making Forward References with Categories
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Consumer Connections n/a Federated Results Displays search results from a federated search Assembly Class
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string configFile = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile;
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RS will not install on a computer with Terminal Services installed. The setup process will fail with the error SQL Setup failed to connect to the database service for server configuration when configuring the Report Server database. As a workaround, uninstall Terminal Services, reboot, install RS, and then reinstall Terminal Services. Make sure that IIS is functioning properly and that you can browse pages. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at how often people forget to check that darn Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses check box on the IE Connections settings when a web proxy server is used. If the setup fails at the end with the mysterious warning message Setup cannot initialize report server, remember this tip before you spend hours uninstalling and installing IIS over and over again. If you are deploying RS on a web farm environment, the new instance will not be activated at the end of the Setup program. Don t panic if you see the RS Report Server Not Activated error message when you open the Report Manager web application. To activate the new RS instance, run the rsactivate utility. Please see the Activating a Report Server topic in the product documentation about how to use the rsactivate utility. If you need to reinstall RS, note that uninstalling it doesn t remove the Report Server database. Consequently, when installing RS again and pointing to the same SQL server, the Setup program assumes web farm deployment. To avoid this, before installing RS make sure you delete the Report Server databases (ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB). The setup program uses Windows integrated security to log on to the SQL Server where the Report Server databases need to be installed and it doesn t support standard security. For this reason, make sure that your Windows logon has admin rights to that SQL Server. With these tips in mind, go ahead and insert the RS Setup CD into your CD-ROM drive. If your computer has been set up with the CD Autoplay feature, the RS Setup program starts automatically. Otherwise, run setup.exe manually from the CD.
Applying single-byte encoding to Unicode characters
CHAPTER 14: iBooks and E-Books
Repeat this step on every computer you want to have access to your home shared content. Make sure to use the same iTunes account on every computer; this could be a little confusing at first, but it s important to use the same account. On the other computers, you will probably have to authorize the computer to play iTunes content. iTunes will notify you if you need to authorize the computer by popping up a window similar to the one shown below in Figure 26 24. NOTE: There is a limit of up to five computer that can be authorized as Home Sharing computers.
Apple s GUI-based development tools
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