MergeItems Enumeration Values Remove Replace in C#

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OVERRIDE EQUALS METHOD Action 1 In the Photograph.cs file, provide an override of the Equals method that compares file names. Result
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The next decision that you need to make is what information to display in the Table View. If you inspect the bindings for the different columns in this control, you will see that it contains columns for all of the attributes of the journalEntry entity. You don t want that this is just a simple list of entries. Earlier I said that the most obvious option is to have just one column with the entryName. But let s think about this maybe there is some value in having the entryDate as a column as well as the entryName. Remember that one of the original requirements was to know what I was doing on a particular day, so having the ability to look at a list of dates, or to order by date, makes sense. Let s go for a two-column list here. The columns we want to keep are for the entryName and entryDate. Choose each of the other columns in turn (click until the column highlights and you see Table Column in the inspector title bar) and press the Delete key. Resize the columns to give them sufficient space. Figure 9 11 shows how things should look now.
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.NET Table 14.1 View enumeration
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The new result is:
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$userInput = "2+2; del rec force c:\"
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The third button at the top of the Featured apps section is the Genius feature. This feature works like the identically named feature in iTunes used on your computer for music. For example, it displays apps you might like based on apps you already have installed on your iPhone. NOTE: The first time you use the Genius feature, you will have to accept the terms and conditions presented before the feature will be enabled.
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A playlist is a list of audio or video tracks arranged in a specific order. These lists give you a way to manage media elements that are part of a larger scheme such as a CD. Playlists are more than ordered media items, though. Playlists give you a way to generate revenue through advertising. Regardless of how you intend to use them, Silverlight has support for two playlist types. Throughout this section, you ll learn about the two types of playlists supported in Silverlight. The first kind of playlist, a client-side playlist, enables your Silverlight
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Let s now discuss the AWReporterWeb client-side reporting samples in the order in which they appear on the menu.
The port number for your development-mode web service may change from time to time, breaking any service references. To force the port number to stick, right-click the web project, select Properties, and click the Web tab. Then, select the option to always use the specified port number.
Each segment in an AcadPolyline object has a start point, an end point, and several other unique properties. This object is less efficient than the lightweight polyline object, in which segments are defined as a collection of vertex points. Use the AddPolyline method to create a Polyline defined by a set of vertices, as follows: Set PolylineObject = Object.AddPolyline(Vertices) Table 8-8 provides a brief description of the Vertices argument. Table 8-8. The AddPolyline Method Parameter
as a unique key. This ensures that pixels, which are in fact equal, will hash to the same value.
A new WPF Windows application
Listing 22.6 Using the Playback methods and Completed event XAML:
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