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The use of the left function means these three commands cannot be parameterized using simple parameterization. Let s inspect the procedure cache to see how SQL Server has cached these queries. Figure 17.9 displays the results. In this case, there is no prepared plan, with each ad hoc compiled plan containing the full plan; notice that the size of each plan is larger than the shell plans from the earlier simple parameterization example in figure 17.7. If queries such as these were executed many times per day, we would have an even worse problem than the one described earlier. In SQL Server 2005, an option called Forced Parameterization was introduced, which is more aggressive in its parameterization. Each database contains a Parameterization
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<SharePoint:ScriptLink ID="jQuery" runat="server" Name="jquery-1.4.2.min.js" Localizable="false" /> <input id='ok' type='button' value='Ok' class="ms-ButtonHeightWidth" onclick='javascript:SP.UI.ModalDialog.commonModalDialogClose( SP.UI.DialogResult.OK,$("#<%=feedUrl.ClientID%>").val())'/>
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Gecko DOM
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computing isn t always an option. For example, many government organizations have applications that deal with confidential or classified data that under no circumstances may be put at risk, such as those dealing with national security. Other applications in other industries have regulatory requirements that make them think twice before deploying to a public cloud. The main distinction that makes private clouds more secure and more appropriate for compliance concerns is simply this: they can physically and logically segregate resources more thoroughly and thereby remove more doubts among users that their data is safe and secure. Public cloud providers are aware that security is a main blocking or gating factor for many enterprises and have devoted significant resources to designing and proving their ability to deal with secure data. As mentioned previously, Amazon has achieved SAS 70 Type II certification for AWS, which ensures that it has the appropriate processes and infrastructure in place to handle data securely and with high availability for customers. Amazon has also made claims that its infrastructure has been designed such that it can support the requirements of regulatory frameworks, such as HIPAA. HIPAA spells out the measures that organizations in the healthcare industry must adhere to in order to ensure the privacy of their patient s data. Having the hooks to enable HIPAA compliance and implementing a HIPAA-compliant application are two different things. Providers must develop best practices and gain experience in supporting HIPAA-compliant applications in the public cloud before most enterprises will be comfortable with this mode of deployment.
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This code demonstrates how the GetProperty and SetProperty methods can be used. Note that this sample retrieves the value associated with the value attribute of an HTML Input field. This value is incremented by one and assigned back to the field. The GetProperty method takes a string that represents the name of the property value to retrieve. This value is then returned as a string. In a similar fashion, the SetProperty method takes a string that represents the value to set to a property. This property is identified by the first parameter in the SetProperty method. From this, you can see that it s pretty easy to work with property values programmatically. Thankfully, it s just as easy to work with an element s CSS information.
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You can also use a public scope for the setter and getter methods. When using XML, the <version> property mapping must come immediately after the identifier property mapping in the mapping file for the Comment class:
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Waits and queues: a performance-tuning methodology
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Adding Notes to Calendar Events
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Figure 13.2 Web page that displays the details about a book and allows us to add authors and reviews
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a. Display the MainForm.cs [Design] window. b. Right-click the Load button. c. Select the Delete option.
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C# has no Then statement; after the condition comes the statement or statement block that should be executed if the condition is true, and after that statement or block comes an optional else statement. For example, you can rewrite the following VB code: If size < value Else value order End If as follows: if (size < 60) value = 50; 60 Then = 50 = 55 = 12
- (void)dealloc { [window release]; [managedObjectContext release]; [persistentStoreCoordinator release]; [managedObjectModel release]; [super dealloc]; }
iTunes Troubleshooting
Think about support issues during development. By planning for failure, you can produce a higher quality product. When an issue is encountered, a mechanism will be in place to make resolving those issues much easier. In an ideal world there is no need for error handling and logging, but we do not live in an ideal world. Software often encounters environments that developers never imagined could exist. The software must be prepared to record these events so that issues can be resolved.
Listing 10.9 Defining a Ribbon group template
We pass the identifier that the user has entered to the IsAuthentic function, which queries the Customer table in the AdventureWorks2000 database. If a match is found, we call the FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage method. This method serves two purposes: Issue an authentication ticket in a form of a cookie to the browser Redirect the user to the originally requested page In our case, we request that the cookie will be created as a session cookie by passing false to the method s second argument. The browser will pass the cookie with each subsequent request to the AWReporterWeb site. The Forms Authentication mechanism will parse each request in an attempt to find this cookie to determine whether the user has been authenticated or not. For this reason, only the first request to the My Orders page will pop up the Login Form for the duration of the browser session. Implementing the My Orders page Implementing the MyOrders.aspx page is nothing we haven t seen so far. To facilitate generating the report on the server side, we use the AWReportViewer control, which is preset with the following properties: ReportPath /AWReporter/Customer Orders Format HTML4.0 ServerSide True
Figure 10-2. Notice the two source code files, files.c and main.c, in the dvdFiler project window.
Check this box to sync and backup your apps.
Remote control: one to one, and one to many
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