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Figure 10 3. File locations to consider for your repository
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<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Orange"> <Grid x:Name="TitleBar" Background="Blue" Height="30" VerticalAlignment="Top" /> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" ...
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Advanced database capabilities
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Figure 10-8. The car search script in one conditional statement with a long conditional test expression
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CHAPTER 12: Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tools
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OpenForecast 196 opt-in subscription 24 Oracle data extension 91 OutputFormat device setting 349 OverwriteDataSources setting 78 P page body 106 Page Break property 112 page breaks 112, 125, 182 Page Footer 106 menu 105 section 105 Page Header 106 menu 105 section 105 page size property 106 PageBreakAtEnd property 112 PageNumber 166 167 pages per second 502 paging explicit 112 parameter Multi-value 117 parameter default values URL access 348 parameter lookup values 117 parameter placeholders 49, 352 parameter settings 101 parameter type validation 101 parameter validation 411 URL access 348 parameter-driven queries 91 parameter-driven reports 90 and subscriptions 436 parameterized reports and multiple datasets 84 parameters 152 advanced validation 406 and snapshots 439
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Number of Operands
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If the compiler can statically know that a class implements IDisposable, the compiler will call Dispose() without the dynamic test: generating datamatrix barcodes
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The snippet shown in listing A.3 focuses on the specific finder method, which is used to return a single row.
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Somewhere on the desktop, a form that looks like figure 11.3 will appear. Once we locate the window, we can resize it and move it around and everything works fine. Finally, we ll click the Push Me! button, causing the form to disappear, and control will return to the PowerShell session. We ll see something like:
Table 16-4 presents the AcMenuFileType constants. Table 16-4. The AcMenuFileType Constants
12.4.1 Introducing LINQ to Amazon
Or you might be transmitting analytics, information about how often your app is being used or how it is being used. If you have something in your UI that tells the user about this or shows them when transmissions are occurring, you could have trouble. Apple has asked that an alert pop up, letting users know that the data will be transmitted, giving them a way to opt out, and letting them know what happens when the network is down. Or you can have analytics data come from your app to the network, say absolutely nothing to the user about it, as a legion of applications on the App Store do, and you have no problem at all. It may be smartest to assume that, if the network is down, you should be able to wait an arbitrarily long time before you are able to transmit, and it may be best to not involve the user in the decision about when to transmit. It is easiest to get through the App Store check if you design your application so that a lack of connectivity has no visible effect. Also, I wish that we could stop there and just ignore the fact that using encryption on an iPhone can be a problem. Unfortunately, if you want to use a 128-bit HTTPS connection in your application and you want to sell or provide it for free outside the United States, Apple wants you to have a license to export it. You may be able to transmit data in the clear or with nonrestricted encryption technologies. All I can say is that I am fairly bureaucracy-phobic, but it is not as hard to deal with the U.S. Commerce Department as you think it might be. You can even get an account on an online system for requesting licenses. I wish we did not have to deal with this, but Apple has set up the rules for the App Store the way it wants. Right now, it behooves us to play the game their way. At some point, we may become more interested in other technologies or find other ways to distribute applications. Until then, here we are.
public class LogAnalyzer { ... internal LogAnalyzer (IExtensionManager extentionMgr) { manager = extentionMgr; }
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