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http://localhost/reportserver /AWReporter/Sales By Territory
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Add a Click event handler for album s Properties button.
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another set of DVDInfo fields. In that case, we ll close the file and free up the last block we just allocated, since we have nothing to store in it:
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You can force anything to be added to the event log by using the log command. The log command, followed by a value, will add the given value to the log, wrapped in comment brackets: (*value*). The value is wrapped in a comment because anything that appears in the event log is actually legally compiled AppleScript code. Figure 23-4 shows how you can force the result of x * 12 to appear in the log.
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will show the percentage of the salesperson s total relative to the territory total. To achieve this, we can copy and paste the third table column (Percentage of Employee s Total) and use the following expression for the new column:
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