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void int ReadLine( char *line ); CountWords( char *line );
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CHAPTER 4: C Basics: Functions
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Project Builder in depth
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The basic choose file name command used in the following script will display the dialog box shown in Figure 12-30: choose file name
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Create asynchronous class
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The / operator doesn t perform its truncation automatically. The accuracy of the result is limited by the data type of the operands. As an example, if the division is performed using ints, the result will be an int and is truncated to an integer value. Several data types (such as float) support floating point division using the / operator. We ll get to them later in this book.
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Figure 16 12. Choosing your mode of transportation
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Process Attributes
To set up your Wi-Fi connection, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. Tap the Settings icon. Tap Wi-Fi near the top. Make sure the Wi-Fi switch is set to On. If it is currently Off, then tap it to turn it On. Once Wi-Fi is On, the iPhone will automatically start looking for wireless networks. The list of accessible networks is shown below the Choose a Network... option. You can see in this screenshot that we have one network available.
CHAPTER 13: Drawing in Cocoa
Data controls: DataGrid and DataForm
Microsoft hints that shared queries, where definitions can be shared among reports, will be supported in a future release of Reporting Services.
public static explicit operator RomanNumeral( short value) { RomanNumeral retval; retval = new RomanNumeral(value); return(retval); } public static implicit operator short( RomanNumeral roman) { return(roman.value); } static string NumberString( ref int value, int magnitude, char letter) { StringBuilder numberString = new StringBuilder(); while (value >= magnitude) { value -= magnitude; numberString.Append(letter); } return(numberString.ToString()); } public static implicit operator string( RomanNumeral roman) { int temp = roman.value; StringBuilder retval = new StringBuilder(); retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref retval.Append(RomanNumeral.NumberString(ref return(retval.ToString()); } temp, temp, temp, temp, temp, temp, temp, 1000, 'M')); 500, 'D')); 100, 'C')); 50, 'L')); 10, 'X')); 5, 'V')); 1, 'I'));
The name attribute is a unique name for the transformer and the type attribute contains the transformer type. Creating custom transformers is rarely done, especially if you re using SharePoint Server, but using them can simplify development when building advanced dashboards. Transformers can be useful if you re working with thirdparty Web Parts with incompatible connection contracts.
Of course, as you encounter real-life scenarios for creating XML, it s pretty unlikely that you ll be dealing with XML that doesn t contain namespaces and namespace prefixes. To create an element with a namespace, you can either pass the fully expanded XML name as the first parameter to the XElement constructor or you can create an XNamespace and append the local name when creating the element. Listing 9.14 shows how to create an XElement with a full XML name, as well as with an XNamespace.
Then all that s left is to build the user interface. Do so using the CreateChildControls method of the Web Part:
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