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-[NSSet setByAddingObjectsFromSet:]
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var music = Directory.EnumerateFiles( Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyMusic));
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NSLog (@"begun browsing"); [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] run];
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NOTE: As of the writing of this book, Entourage, unlike iCal, can t handle multiple calendars.
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MailBlogger.cs starts with the typical preamble of using declarations. After the standard system namespaces, we declare that we are using the BlogApps_09 namespace b so that we can use the blog client library. We also use Lesnikowski s Mail namespace C. Next, we declare the MailBlogger class D and within that, the fields needed to hold the information read from the configuration file. Note that the categories are stored as an IList of strings E. In the main method for Mail Blogger F, we create an instance of the MailBlogger class, call the InitFromXml() method to read the configuration file, and then call the run() method to start processing the mailbox contents. We didn t include the code for InitFromXml() method here because it is just simple XML parsing code and not important to the topic at hand.
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Verify the change by checking both the NoteProperty directly and the ScriptProperty.
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void drawShapes (Shape shapes[], int count) { int i; for (i = 0; i < count; i++) { switch (shapes[i].type) { case kCircle: drawCircle (shapes[i].bounds, shapes[i].fillColor); break; case kRectangle: drawRectangle (shapes[i].bounds, shapes[i].fillColor); break; case kOblateSpheroid: drawEgg (shapes[i].bounds, shapes[i].fillColor); break; } } } // drawShapes
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Silverlight gives you the flexibility to call JavaScript from managed code and, in turn, the ability to call any method on an HTML or JavaScript object. This can be useful if you re integrating Silverlight with a preexisting web application. There s one spot in particular where this feature is especially valuable: printing. Silverlight has basic printing capabilities (see chapter 19), but the Window object in the HTML DOM also exposes a print method. You can use Silverlight s ability to call a function on a JavaScript object to deliver this functionality. To accomplish this, you use a method called Invoke. This method can be used to execute a JavaScript function from managed code, as demonstrated in the following C# code:
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// // // StationCell.h
You can see that a given author may appear more than once in the results:
You can also send your own custom data in the notification, as I ll demonstrate later in the chapter.
Getting familiar with LINQ to Objects
Installing the Plausible Blocks Compiler and Adding It to the Project
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