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Both Windows Forms applications and Web Forms applications are written directly in code, without separate resource files, so it s possible to write either application without Visual Studio .NET. Doing layout and setting properties by hand isn t very fun, however, so Visual Studio provides a Form Designer that makes it easy to add controls to a form, set the properties on the form, create event handlers, and so on. The form editing is two ways; changes made in the Form Designer show up in the form code, and changes made in the form code show up in the designer.2
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This function will get the full names of all of the types in each assembly and match them against the pattern provided in the function argument (which defaults to match everything). Let s use this function to find all of the types that have the namespace prefix System.Timers.
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Why do we need LINQ
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Cocoa has been around in one form or another since 1986. The technologies that we call Cocoa evolved from the NeXTStep AppKit, the application building tools developed for the NeXT platform. When Apple bought NeXT in 1996, they began building a new version of the Mac OS, what we now know as Mac OS X, basing much of the new operating system on technologies acquired from NeXT. As Mac OS X evolved, so did Cocoa. Apple added technologies from the classic Mac OS, like QuickTime, as well as completely new technologies, like the Quartz rendering system that enables all the fancy visual
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System.Console.WriteLine("Hello"); Console.WriteLine("Hello");
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And now define another function two that sets x to 22 and then calls one.
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void ConditionalQuery<TSortKey>( int minPageCount, String titleFilter, Func<Book, TSortKey> sortSelector) { IEnumerable<Book> query;
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They continue by adding on the construct JOIN table_X ON table_X.col = table_ Y.col. Effectively, everything is done from the perspective of the first table in the FROM clause. Some of the JOINs may be OUTER JOINs, some may be INNER, but the principle remains the same that each table is brought into the mix by itself.
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These language extensions are full-fledged features that can be used in code that has nothing to do with LINQ. They are however required for LINQ to work, and you ll use them a lot when writing language-integrated queries. In order to introduce LINQ concepts and understand why they are important, we ll dissect a code sample throughout this chapter. We ll keep the same subject as in chapter 2: filtering and sorting a list of running processes. Here is the code sample we ll use:
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DBCC validation
Adjusting the Safari Browser Settings
Reading data with LINQ to SQL
With Tiger and newer, you can also use the path to resource command to locate bundle resources directly by filename: set template_path to path to resource "Template.indd" The functionality and usefulness of the path to me statement has been made better in Tiger. You can find the full details in 8.
CHAPTER 5: Using Table Views
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