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Silverlight 4 introduces the concept of elevated-trust applications. Elevated-trust applications are out-of-browser applications that have access to additional capabilities on the machine on to which they re installed. For all intents and purposes, elevated-trust applications are actually full-trust applications. For example, elevated-trust applications can use the new COM automation capabilities discussed in section 5.2.2, as well as make web network requests without first checking for a client access policy. The full list of capabilities enabled by elevated trust includes:
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The following code sample demonstrates the AddSpline method: Public Sub TestAddSpline() Dim objEnt As AcadSpline Dim dblBegin(0 To 2) As Double Dim dblEnd(0 To 2) As Double Dim dblPoints(14) As Double '' set tangencies dblBegin(0) = 1.5: dblBegin(1) = 0#: dblBegin(2) = 0 dblEnd(0) = 1.5: dblEnd(1) = 0#: dblEnd(2) = 0
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TIP: You can also turn the page like a book to get to this view. The animation is just like using the iBooks app.
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ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.GetPaperSize dblPaperWidth, dblPaperHeight lngPaperUnits = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.PaperUnits Select Case lngPaperUnits Case 0 strPaperUnits = "inches" dblPaperWidth = dblPaperWidth / 25.4 dblPaperHeight = dblPaperHeight / 25.4 Case 1 strPaperUnits = "millimeters" End Select MsgBox dblPaperWidth & " by " & dblPaperHeight & " " & strPaperUnits End Sub
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development, but we did have Alfred V. Aho and Jeffrey D. Ullman s infamous Dragon book (that is, Principles of Compiler Design), DOS, and a Unix-like operating system called MINIX, which inspired Linus Torvalds to develop the Linux operating system years later. We spent many hours poring over the code with our instructors learning how it related to the new technology. I rapidly saw the power in multitasking and threading and how it can improve the user experience. Within months of the Windows NT release, I was out of the Navy with my degree and, more importantly, a background in Windows NT and writing multithreaded applications. Over the years, I moved from writing Windows applications to Linux applications. In 2002, I moved to Mac OS X. Then in 2008, I heard that the iPhone was going to have Mac OS X as its operating system, and once again, I couldn t sign up fast enough. The iPhone was going to have the ability to support various types of threading APIs: POSIX Threads, NSObject, NSThread, and NSOperation. Even as a Windows and Linux C/C++ programmer with a background in Objective-C and Cocoa, I found the learning curve steep on my first iPhone application. I also found the process of getting my first iPhone application to actually run on the iPhone very difficult. Having said that, I am amazed at the power, features, and maturity of the iPhone SDK. A year after the iPhone SDK came out, developers had access to tools, the SDK, documentation, a simulator, and a software distribution system unparalleled in the history of software development. All this is due, in part, to the powerful Mac OS X operating system that the iPhone operating system is based on. The iPhone operating system is a true preemptive, multitasking operating system that has the ability for the developer to thread applications. Other authors in this book have already pointed out that threading your iPhone applications sometimes introduces another level of complexity and should be avoided if possible. No one sets out to write a threaded application. However, threading your application is often necessary to accomplish your desired effect. Many applications on your computer are threaded. Many iPhone applications are threaded and, if properly designed, can be maintained. Like anything else, everything starts with the creator s understanding of the tools and how to properly use them. Threading enables computer programmers to have their software accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. There are times when your application may need to work for several seconds and you don t want the user to wait while a task is being accomplished. For example, your application may need to download information from the Internet. You may want the user to be able see an activity indicator on the screen or be able to navigate to another part of the application while the download occurs in the background. Threading enables you to add this type of responsiveness to your application.
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Properties that need to be changed to make a control take up the entire cell Property Value
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The second of the five main principles of cloud computing has to do with virtualization of compute resources. Virtualization is nothing new. Most enterprises have been shifting much of their physical compute infrastructure to virtualized for the past 5 to 10 years. Virtualization is vital to the cloud because the
Listing 5.14 The CheckRuntimeRender method
The results should look something like this:
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