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Now is a good time to become familiar with the way that the project template has set up this primary user interface file. The navigation controller provided for us by default has a navigation bar and an instance of RootViewController, the top-level class that was automatically generated for you when you created the project and that currently contains the table view that displays the list of stations.
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Being incredibly creative, we shall name the first View Controller implementation file, FirstViewController.m, as shown in Figure 6 87.
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The ExtensionPart entries in the Deployment.ExternalParts section correspond to the Microsoft DLL that was originally packaged in our application. Now, instead of including them in the application package, they ll be downloaded from your server on first access and then cached locally for future use. Upon compiling your application, you ll see that the ClientBin folder on the website will have one ZIP file added for each ExtensionPart included in the manifest. Each ZIP file contains just the compressed DLL no additional baggage.
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Core Foundation is a large library of C functions that are engineered around the concept of objects, which it terms opaque types or just types. These opaque types have an internal structure that is compatible with Objective-C objects, and a respectable number of Core Foundation types are interchangeable with Objective-C classes. This reciprocity is called the toll-free bridge. The goal of Core Foundation is to seamlessly provide a large number of operating system and framework services to both C and Objective-C programmers. C programmers use CFTypeRef values, which are pointers to opaque data structures, and pass them to Core Foundation functions. Objective-C programmers store object pointers and send them messages. The code executed is the same in both cases. Most Core Foundation types do not have a toll-free bridge to Objective-C. If you need their functionality, you ll need to use the Core Foundation data types and functions directly. Core Foundation employs many of the same concepts as Objective-C, it just implements them with its own types,
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Aggregated Assault
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Caching is one of the major factors that you will need to consider when you are designing your application because it will radically increase the overall performance of not only your web server, but also other systems, such as your database server. Though there are many uses for page caching, fragment caching and the cache API are the most used methods in real-world ASP.NET web applications and services.
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Since aboutHandler just displays a message box, we show its handler here:
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from User u where u.Email is null
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NSLog(@"This is where you d say something."); }];
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One other adjustment that needs to be made, but can t be seen from the screenshot, is to make the matrix containing the checkboxes behave appropriately in response to mouse clicks. Because NSMatrix is designed to contain a variety of controls, it has multiple ways of interacting with its cells when the user clicks on one of them. Select the matrix of checkboxes, and in the Attributes Inspector, set the Mode popup to Highlight. This mode makes the matrix handle a click in a cell by toggling the clicked cell s selected state between zero and one, which switches the checkbox on and off. The last configuration required for this tab is to set the tags for the two radio buttons, so we can tell them apart later (the checkboxes don t need to have their tags set, because
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The LimitedWebPartManager object is used to add new Web Parts to a page by first importing a Web Parts control description XML file and then adding it to a page and zone. To create an application that adds a Web Part to a page, you create a console application using Visual Studio 2010. Be sure to set the .NET Framework to version 3.5. Then add Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll and the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll, found in the {SharePoint Root}\ISAPI folder, as references to the project. Listing 11.1 shows how a Web Part is loaded from a Web Parts description file and then added to a page using the Client Object Model.
Always make the Group (the first part) lowercase. All other parts of the name are title case. Avoid using an underscore to separate naming sections because it removes the possibility of doubleclicking the name to select it. Here are some properly named subroutines: finderAppActivate() finderFolderCreate() finderFolderDelete() Here are some improperly named subroutines (though legal by AppleScript): FinderAppActivate() finder_folder_delete() FINDERFOLDERCREATE()
Move Around or Delete Apps Using the Icons
NOTE: You can change the device orientation at a later point in time, even during gameplay. For example, you can make this a game setting the user can choose. As long as you change from one landscape mode to another or one portrait mode to another, you don t need to modify your code. Allowing the user to choose to play the game in any of the two landscape or portrait directions is very straightforward to implement. Since everyone has a very subjective opinion on that matter, it s a good idea to let the user choose between the regular and the upside-down orientation.
From this point forward, the majority of the code will go into the PrintPage method. For space considerations, I won t show the other event handlers or the InternalPrintReport function itself.
Useful system queries
The Functional Construction pattern
Table 10.1 Categories of built-in Commands Description The category contains various commands you might expect in any sort of productivity application, as well as the high-level general purpose commands such as activating a context menu, closing the document or application, and so on. Commands in this class primarily support the Navigation model that we ll be looking at later. For the most part, if you aren t using the WPF Navigation model, you won t be interested in these. These are what they sound like: commands around editing behavior. Interestingly, some commands you d expect to find here, like cut, copy, and paste, are in ApplicationCommands. Probably the least obvious, this set of commands relates to interaction with UI components movement through the component and to other components. If you plan on integrating audio, video, or that sort of thing, MediaCommands will come in useful.
CHAPTER 15: Packaging and Distribution
Using the make Command
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