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We ll start with the easier part of this next section of our code. You will need to add some code to touchesBegan:withEvent: in order to track our touches. This looks pretty daunting, but you re beginning to operate at a pretty advanced level and, for some, this ll be a cakewalk. We are still in the implementation file, TransformView.m, and we are going to rewrite our touches methods to handle multiple touches and to utilize our helper functions in order to change the transform.
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Syntax for URL access
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from publisher in SampleData.Publishers join book in SampleData.Books on publisher equals book.Publisher into pubBooks select new { Publisher = publisher.Name, TotalPrice = pubBooks.TotalPrice() };
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Task 7-16. Granting a Destination User Log On As Batch Job Rights
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Refactoring our design to be more testable
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Table 6
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Table 8.7 Log The Report Server execution log Trace logs Log files maintained by RS Purpose Captures report execution statistics useful for auditing purposes. Stores essential statistics for monitoring and troubleshooting RS.
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@implementation GameLayer - (id) init { // snip... sets up the board, players etc. // add the puck puck = [self addSpriteNamed:@"puck.png" x:160 y:240 type:kColl_Puck];
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we read from the file:
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Handling SQL Server errors on the client
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SELECT CASE @x.exist ( N'/definitions/concept/definition[contains(., "dimensions")]' ) WHEN 1 THEN N'The word "dimensions" exists in a definition' WHEN 0 THEN N'The word "dimensions" doesn''t exist in a definition' END;
The div operator returns the number of times the right operand completely fits into the left operand. In the following example, without breaking, 5 fits twice into 13: 13 div 5 --> 2
removeObjectForKey: removeAllObjects
Debugging feature receivers Features are automatically activated by default in Visual Studio. You can change this behavior by editing the deployment configuration, discussed in chapter 3. Depending on how the activation/deactivation is done, you have to attach to different processes. If you have to debug the FeatureActivated or FeatureDeactivating methods from the web interface, attach to the ASP.NET worker process, w3wp.exe. And if you re enabling it using PowerShell, then you have to attach to the PowerShell.exe process. Solution installation and uninstallation are accomplished using the SharePoint timer job. The FeatureInstalled, FeatureUninstalling, and FeatureUpgrading methods are executed by owstimer.exe. Notice that your breakpoints may not be hit immediately. You might have to wait a couple of seconds until the timer job starts and invokes the Feature receiver.
Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature Provider Connections
The iPad is usually highly reliable. Occasionally, like your computer or any complicated electronic device, you might have to reset the device or troubleshoot a problem. In this chapter we give you some useful tools to help get your iPad back up and running as quickly as possible. We start with some basic quick troubleshooting and move into more in-depth problems and resolutions later in the Advanced Troubleshooting section. We also cover some other odds and ends related to your iPad and give you a list of resources where you can find more help with your iPad.
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