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Using distributed objects in Objective-C follows the same general workflow, except that Objective-C eliminates steps 3 and 5, and makes steps 1, 2, 4, and 7 optional. In Objective-C, the minimum required to use distributed objects is: 1. 2. 3. Vend any object via a connection object attached to a run loop. The client requests the proxy object for the vended object from the connection. The client sends the proxy object messages.
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SharePoint Content Rollup MSXml.dwp Yes Basic Web Parts n/a
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Use the Report Designer Layout tab to lay out your report.
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Physical disk unit
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Key/value mapping of property-list objects Sequential list of property-list objects A string An integer, floating-point, or Boolean value A date and time Any arbitrary byte array
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9. repeat with i from 1 to 10 10. repeat with j from (1 * i) to (10 * i) by i 11. set html to html & "<td>" 12. set html to html & j 13. set html to html & "</td>" 14. end repeat 15. set html to html & "<tr>" & return 16. end repeat Although this is quite a complicated loop, it demonstrates a specific form of repeat loop; you can also achieve the same result in other ways. Here are two repeat loops nested one inside the other. The outer repeat loop simply counts from 1 to 10, assigning the loop value to the variable i, which becomes the driving force behind the inner repeat loop. The inner repeat loop uses the variable j. What gives j the correct integer value for the multiplication table is that every time the loop executes, the start point and end point move up. Here is the inner repeat statement the way it appears in the code: repeat with j from (i * 1) to (i * 10) by i In the first loop, the value of the variable i is 1, and the inner repeat loop looks like this: repeat with j from 1 to 10 by 1
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Authoring reports
The second argument of the useService method allows you to specify a friendly name for the Web service.
Next comes the list of function prototypes. By listing all the functions in this include file, we make all functions available to be called from all other functions. As your programs get larger and more sophisticated, you might want to create a separate include file for each of your source code files. Some programmers create one include file for globals, another for defines, and another for function prototypes.
An Introduction to the Code
Development tools
21.4.4 UniformToFill
This Boolean parameter allows you to alter the line endings of the do shell script command s result from the original Unix line endings to the Mac s line endings. By default, the line endings will be altered and become Mac line endings. You would want to specifically not alter the line endings if you plan on feeding the result of one statement as the parameter of the next do shell script command.
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