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Repeatedly loading a library each time you want to call one of its subroutines can be a bit timeconsuming. It s usually best to have your script load all the libraries it needs into properties at the top of the script. That way, your script needs to load each library only once, and they can all be accessed from anywhere in your script. You can load all your libraries either when the script is compiled or each time it is run. 19 discusses how to load and use libraries in more detail.
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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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Table 2.1 Feature COM+ System Management Access SQL Server .NET Managed Provider Table 2.2 Feature ASP .NET SQL Server .NET Managed Provider Additional features and software requirements for clients Requirements Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 or later WMI, which is installed by default on Windows 2000, ME, and XP Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.7 or later
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Policy-based management
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Security extensions By default, RS uses the Windows-based security model to enforce restricted access to the report catalog. If Windows-based security is not an option, you can replace it with custom security models. You see an example of how this may be done in chapter 13, where we implement custom authentication and authorization for Internet-oriented reporting. Rendering extensions Generating reports in export formats other than the ones supported natively can be accomplished by writing custom rendering extensions. See section 1.4.2 for more information about the supported export formats. Custom report items ISVs can embed custom server controls that provide additional functionality which RS can t provide out of the box. Some examples of custom report items are custom charts, gauges, and maps. These controls are added to the Report Designer Toolbox and have their own set of property pages and dialog boxes. 1.2.5 Scalability features A scalable application responds well under increased loads. RS can scale up and out to address the high-volume reporting requirements of large organizations. It is designed from the ground up to process reports efficiently. For example, it supports several report-caching options, such as report execution caching, snapshots, and report sessions, as we discuss in chapter 8. Reporting Services Enterprise Edition supports clustered deployment, which you can use to load-balance several RS servers on multiple machines. This allows enterprise organizations with high-scalability requirements to scale out RS and provides fault tolerance. RS performance is the subject of chapter 14. Security features RS is designed to provide a secured environment from the ground up. It offers a comprehensive security model for accessing reports that leverages Windows authentication. This model maps the user Windows account or group to a role, and the role describes what permissions the user has to access items in the report catalog. Report administrators can add Windows users to predefined roles or create new ones. Once again, when the default Windows-based security model is not a good fit, you can replace it by plugging in your own custom authentication and authorization implementations in the form of custom security extensions. You learn how to do this in chapter 13. To promote trustworthy computing, RS leverages the .NET code-based security to sandbox custom code based on configurable security policies. We discuss the RS security model in chapter 9. Deployment features Because it is server based, RS has zero deployment requirements for integrating with client applications. For this reason, any type of client applications can target RS, not
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There s no doubt that PowerShell is full of punctuation, and much of it has a different meaning in the help files than it does in the shell itself. Here s what it all means within the shell: ` (backtick) This is PowerShell s escape character. It removes the special meaning of any character that follows it. For example, a space is normally a separator, which is why cd c:\Program Files generates an error. Escaping the space, cd c:\Program` Files, removes that special meaning and forces the space to be treated as a literal, so the command works. ~ (tilde) When used as part of a path, this represents the current user s home directory, as defined in the UserProfile environment variable. ( ) (parentheses) These are used in a couple of ways:
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This example shows the basic syntax of a TemplateBinding B. This syntax mimics the data-binding syntax explained in chapter 11. In this case, the binding causes the Height and Width property values of the Button to be used by the Ellipse in the ControlTemplate. These property values are simple in comparison to what the value of the Content property could be, though. If you re going to display the Content of a ContentControl in a ControlTemplate, you may want to consider using another approach.
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12.4 Open Search: The future of search
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The first thing to notice about the deadlock graph is that it s in two sections. First are the processes involved in the deadlock (indicated by B and C) followed by a list of resources involved in the deadlock (starting at D). The resource list includes information on which process owns the lock and in what mode, and which process is waiting for the lock and in what mode.
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SELECT dbo.CalculateStateTax(100,'NJ',null) (Result set) 8.0000 SELECT dbo.CalculateStateTax(100,'NJ','20020101') (Result set) 7.0000 SELECT dbo.CalculateStateTax(10000,'CA',null) (Result set) 900.0000 SELECT dbo.CalculateStateTax(100000,'CA','20020101') (Result set) 8250.0000
This chapter presented a set of techniques and approaches for using expressions in SSIS packages to solve real-world problems. Although a complete coverage of SSIS expressions would likely require a book of its own, the examples and techniques shown in this chapter should give you a great head start on applying expressions to your own challenges. Whether you re new to SSIS development or an experienced BI developer, there are always new ways to apply expressions to your packages which enable the dynamic behavior required to solve the problems that your projects send your way. By using the techniques presented here, you ll be well prepared to solve whatever SSIS problems the future has in store.
Just as we saw in the previous example, this listing defines a style B that targets the TextBox type. But we ve omitted the x:Key, so this is an implicit style. Note the TextBox controls at the bottom of the listing: they now pick up the style without requiring any StaticResource setting. This is a huge timesaver for applications of any real complexity. Styling, both explicit and implicit, is a powerful way to define the user interface standards for your application. Design professionals (or integrators, depending on
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