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It s beyond the scope of this book, but I do want you to be aware that there are ways to let your users execute a script that runs under credentials other than their own. This is typically accomplished through a technique called script packaging, and it s a feature of some commercial script development environments, such as SAPIEN PrimalScript (www.primaltools.com). After creating a script, you use the packager to bundle the script into an executable (.EXE) file. This isn t compilation in the programming sense of the term: the executable isn t standalone and does require that PowerShell be installed in order to run. You can configure the packager to encrypt alternative credentials into the executable. That way, when someone runs the executable, it launches the packaged script under whatever credentials you specify, rather than the user s own credentials. The packaged credentials aren t 100 percent safe. The package does include the username and password, although most packagers encrypt them pretty well. It s safe to say that most office users won t be able to discover the username and password, but it s completely possible for a skilled encryption expert to decrypt the username and password.
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In this chapter, you learned how to set up report data, which is a prerequisite for creating data-driven reports. We emphasized the fact that with RS you can report off virtually any data store that exposes its data in a tabular format. We began by showing you how to set up the report data source. Then, we explored how to create one or more datasets to feed the report with data. You saw how to use the Graphical and Generic Query Designers to author queries, and we examined the role that parameters play in custom-tailoring report queries. Along the way, we showed you how to create parameter-driven reports. We examined
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19.2.2 Rerooting the elements to fit One way around the issue with fixed-size content is to take the LayoutRoot (or another element) and reroot (or reparent) it in a printer-specific root element. That new
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Now, since we can intercept the expressions with parentheses, we can perform additional operations on the values returned from the assignment statements before this value is bound in the outer assignment. Here s an example that does this:
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drag-and-drop approach works for both the Design and the Source modes. The second option is to write the control code in the Source editor. If you ve worked with Visual Studio before, you ll be familiar with this way of working.
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Navigating and using Mac OS X
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OK, who thinks a 20-foot-high wooden horse looks harmless If you saw a 20-foot wooden horse appear in your driveway, would you say Oh, look dear, let s bring this giant wooden horse that we ve never seen before into our house. Perhaps it will be our pet. I ve always wanted a giant wooden horse as a pet!
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Next, we set up the mouse handler. This lets us treat the mallet as a draggable cursor while retaining its physical properties when it interacts with the other objects. We give it two joints (points which serve as axes for rotation in the mouse), because we ll be positioning it in front of the finger, and we don t want it to rotate around the touch point when moved.
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Now that we ve set up database mirroring, let s take a look at the monitoring process.
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Swipe left or right to bring up the Delete button.
CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
The Microsoft.SharePoint assembly contains a class called BuilderButton that creates the button used to display a dialog box for entering text
Finally, we ll calculate the number of dinosaur records by dividing the file length by the number of bytes in a single record. For simplicity s sake, we ll convert the number of records to an int before we return it. That means that we can t deal with a file that contains more than 32,767 dinosaur records. How many dinosaurs can you name
Table 11 1. Summary of Macros
// I want myNode to move to 100, 200 and arrive there in 3 seconds CCMoveTo* move = [CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:3 position:CGPointMake(100, 200)]; // this time the node should slowly speed up and then slow down as it moves CCEaseInOut* ease = [CCEaseInOut actionWithAction:move rate:4]; [myNode runAction:ease];
CHAPTER 4: GUI Components
The XElement class is not directly linked to the XComment class, so if we want to retrieve comments we have to use the XNode class. For this reason,, by using the Nodes method of XElement we can obtain a collection of Node objects. Using the OfType standard operator we can filter the objects for the specified type in Listing 3-7, XComment.
By setting up blogs, aggregators, and wikis for your software project, you can create a sort of development dashboard for your team a place where team members can get the latest information about new builds, test results, new bugs, new enhancement requests, new articles on the project wiki, and changes to the code base. The beauty of the project blog concept is automation all of the content is created, posted, or aggregated automatically. As we learned in chapter 16, your
As long as you don t plan to extend RS with custom code, you can live a happy and oblivious life without worrying about RS code access security (CAS). In fact, even if you decide to use custom code, for example, to call code in an external assembly or to create a custom data extension, you may find that in most cases the default CAS settings defined in the Report Server configuration files fulfill your needs. If this is the case, the only code access related management task you need to learn is how to register the custom assemblies with the Report Server and Report Designer. You saw how to do this in chapter 6. Sometimes, however, you may need to adjust the default code access policy. Usually, this will happen when the custom assembly needs more rights than the default permissions granted by the Report Server. You will know that this is the case when the Report Server complains with a SecurityException error. As a responsible administrator, you should learn how to solve this issue by giving the failing assembly the minimum set of permissions it needs to execute successfully. If you elevate the code access security too much, you open security holes that could be exploited by malicious code. CAS is one of the most valuable, and arguably most misunderstood, services that the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) provides. In a nutshell, this security model grants permissions to code, not users. This is important because even if the Report Server runs under a highly privileged account, the CLR will sandbox custom code to restrict the actions it can execute. For example, the default RS code access security policy prevents custom code from writing to the Windows file system. Let s turn now to common code access terminology.
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