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private void GetReports() { ReportingService rs = RsHelpers.Proxy; CatalogItem[] items = null; EntityReport entityReports = WizForm.Reports; items = rs.ListChildren(reportPath, false);
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Public Properties
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But entering numeric values into text fields isn t the point of this exercise, we want to drag those control points around. As it turns out, this is pretty simple to do. NSView contains methods that are automatically called whenever a user interacts with the view by clicking, dragging, and so on. All we have to do is override a few methods, and we can respond to every click, drag, and release of the mouse. Let s start by adding a pair of BOOL instance variables to our view, to keep track of whether one of the control points is currently being dragged. Add the bold lines below to the interface declaration in CurveView.h:
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Designing the Report Wizard The Report Wizard demo can be launched from the 10 main menu in the AWReporterWin project. As a prerequisite for running the Report Wizard, you need to upload the book s sample reports to the Report Server. As usual, before discussing the actual implementation of our sample, we will start with defining the user requirements and high-level design goals. Defining application requirements Our hypothetical application is based on the following high-level reporting requirements: Provide an intuitive, user-friendly tool for generating standard reports on demand. Implement the tool as a wizard, which will walk the user through a series of steps to collect the details of the report request and generate the report. Support both client-side (Client-to-Report Server) and server-side (Client-toFa ade-to-Report Server) report request options. By default, the reports will be requested and rendered on the client side by URL. However, some reports may require business rules validation that needs to be performed on the server side. In this case, the report administrator should be able to configure the report to be generated on the server-side of the application by SOAP. Allow the user to generate both snapshots and live reports. Wherever needed, customize the RS report parameter features to provide additional functionality, such as client-side parameter validation and multi-select parameters. Leverage the existing Active Directory user and group setup to enforce restricted access using the Report Server role-based security model. Process report requests efficiently by taking advantage of performance enhancement techniques, such as caching and multithreading. Undestanding the workflow of the application As you ve seen, RS provides a plethora of report execution and rendering options. For example, reports can be cached as snapshots. They could accept parameters and could be exported to different formats that support various device settings. While the rich feature set of RS is great in terms of flexibility, it may present additional challenges for application developers. How would you tell the user that the report is configured to be executed as a snapshot How would you handle report parameters What if you need to check some business rules on the server side of the application before submitting the report request How would you generate larger reports more efficiently The challenge is to implement a user-friendly and flexible application layer that will allow the end users to select the right report options and submit report requests easily. For these reasons, we decided to implement the Report Wizard. Instead of providing the users with intimidating choices, the Report Wizard will be smart enough to evaluate the user s selection and branch the program logic to the right step accordingly.
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When an instance of SQL server starts, it s created as an operating system process. Unlike a simple application that performs a series of serial tasks on a single CPU, SQL Server is a complex application that must support hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous requests. In order to do this, the SQL Server process creates threads. A multithreaded operating system such as Windows allows applications like SQL Server to create multiple threads in order to maximize CPU efficiency and application
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Figure 2 7. Switching between Standard, Numbers & Basic Symbols, and Advanced Symbols keyboards.
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If you are in one of the many states or provinces where you cannot legally hold your iPhone while driving a car, you will want to use the headphones or Bluetooth car stereo connection to talk hands-free. The headset you received with your iPhone works well for phone calls. There is a microphone built into the wire of the headset along with volume controls and a Center button that allows you to answer or hang up a phone call. When you have your headset on, the phone will ring in the headset. Click the Center button on the headset once to answer, then click again to hang up.
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@interface RootViewController : UITableViewController <BARTPredictionLoaderDelegate>
If you scroll down the Synchronization screen, you can check out your total usage of your Free (or paid) account. The Free account gives you 40 MB of data, which is more than 100,000 text notes. Tap the Approximate notes remaining option to get a feel for how many picture or voice notes this might include. If you are running out of space, then you might want to Upgrade by touching Go Premium option in the top of the Synchronization window.
As you learned in chapter 3, the Macintosh Programmer s Workbench (MPW) was one of the first development environments for the Macintosh. In many ways, MPW was a UNIX-like development environment that combined a command-line environment with elements of an IDE. To perform operations, you entered commands into worksheets, or used the GUI interface. This combination (command-line and GUI interface) made MPW a very powerful and extendable development environment. Project Builder now includes inline scripting in the style of MPW. The two main additions are as follows:
The first action is to make a new dialog box. Select File New Dialog. This opens a new dialog box and also the Controls palette from which you will copy the desired controls (see Figure 28-11). Note that the Controls palette is merely a dialog box. It is part of Smile s philosophy to define a limited number of window classes so that you can script Smile more easily. The Controls palette is where you find one copy of each of the controls you can install in your dialog box.
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