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[Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.Shared)] [WebBrowsable(true)] [SP.RequiresDesignerPermission(true)] public string Text { get; set; }
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TRY IT NOW Be cautious when typing those are lowercase L letters, not the
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Figure 13-32. The buttonBar panel
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using System; using System.Threading; using System.Timers; public class Clock { public Clock(int interval) {
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for (var arrows = findClass("arrow", scroller), i = arrows.length, re = /\bright\b/; i -; ) { addListener(arrows[i], "mousedown", press); arrows[i].jump = (re.test(arrows[i].className)) -10 : 10; } function press(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; if (!e.target) e.target = e.srcElement; var jump = e.target.jump; animate(); burst(e); thwart(e); function animate() { var x = parseInt(slide.style.left) + jump; if (x >= w1 - w2 && x <= 0) { slide.style.left = x + "px"; } } } })(elements[i]); } } But what if x is too negative, which is to say less than -1424, or at all positive In the former case, we want to assign "-1424px" to slide.style.left, and in the latter case we want to assign "0px". Let s make that happen by way of the else if idiom, which we explored in 4. function prepScrollers() { var elements = findClass("scroller"); for (var i = elements.length; i --; ) { (function (scroller) { var wrapper = findClass("wrapper", scroller)[0]; var slide = findClass("slide", scroller)[0]; var w1 = parseInt(queryCascade(wrapper, "width")); var w2 = parseInt(queryCascade(slide, "width")); var timer = null; slide.style.left = queryCascade(slide, "left"); for (var arrows = findClass("arrow", scroller), i = arrows.length, re = /\bright\b/; i -; ) { addListener(arrows[i], "mousedown", press); arrows[i].jump = (re.test(arrows[i].className)) -10 : 10; } function press(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; if (!e.target) e.target = e.srcElement; var jump = e.target.jump; animate(); burst(e); thwart(e); function animate() {
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The +stringWithFormat: method uses the format parameter to infer the sequence of parameter values that follow. The format string is scanned for format specifications. The first specification (%@) is an object formatter. This tells +stringWithFormat: that the first additional parameter is a pointer to an object. The %@ is replaced with the -description (toString()) value of the object. The next specification encountered is %d, indicating that the next parameter is a signed int (d stands for decimal). It extracts one int from the parameter stream and continues, until all of the format specifications in the string have been replaced. In both cases, a programmer s agreement exists between the method and the caller. +arrayWithObjects: assumes that only object pointers are passed, terminated with a nil pointer. +stringWithFormat: assumes that the additional parameter agrees with the value types implied by the placeholders in the format string.
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Here are some examples of literal file specifiers. Each one identifies a file named Report.doc on the start-up drive: alias "Macintosh HD:Report.doc" file "Macintosh HD:Report.doc" POSIX file "/Users/Report.doc" As you can see, each file specifier consists of two parts: a keyword alias, file, or POSIX file followed by a path string. The first two take HFS path strings, and the third takes a POSIX path string. One odd thing you ll notice is that when you compile the POSIX file literal, it ll appear in the compiled code as follows: file "Macintosh HD:Report.doc" This transformation can be a bit confusing at times, particularly since the Finder and System Events define their own file keywords that look the same but have different meanings. You ll learn more about this in the System Event s File System Object Model section in 15.
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NSEnumerator *enumerator; enumerator = [array objectEnumerator];
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- (id) init { if (self = [super init]) { NSLog (@"init: text %@ / results %@", textField, resultsField);
NHibernate.Engine.ISessionImplementor session, object owner) { object obj0 = NHibernateUtil.Double.NullSafeGet(dr, names[0]); object obj1 = NHibernateUtil.String.NullSafeGet(dr, names[1]); if ( obj0==null || obj1==null ) return null; double value = (double) obj0; string currency = (string) obj1; return new MonetaryAmount(value, currency);
Now, we ll be extending CarParts so that you can make a copy of a car (wait until Detroit hears about this). The code for this lives in the 13. 01 - CarParts-Copy project folder. Along the way, we ll touch on some interesting subtleties involved in implementing the copy-making code.
Some interesting applications of my favorite DMVs
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