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To expand your expression capabilities, you can use native functions that come from RS or external functions from the pre-referenced standard .NET assemblies. Finally, you can use expressions to add interactive features to your reports, such as links and document maps. You need to be aware of how different export formats impact the report s interactive features. The richest format that offers the most interactive features is HTML. With RS, you can accomplish much more with expressions than creating calculated fields and calling a limited number of functions. In chapter 6 you learn how to unleash the expression capabilities by integrating them with custom code.
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StreamResourceInfo resource = Application.GetResourceStream( new Uri("SilverlightApp1;component/embedded.png", UriKind.Relative));
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Starting with Panther and now in Tiger, you can now save both compiled scripts and script applets as bundles. Bundles are the format used for all Cocoa applications and many Carbon applications, as well as various file formats such as TextEdit s .rtfd documents. Bundles are really disguised folders that appear in the Finder as if they were regular files and behave like them too when you doubleclick them. You can open a bundle like a folder, however, should you need to view or change its actual contents. To open it like a folder, Ctrl-click the bundle with the mouse, and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu. With Tiger and newer, you can also view the contents of a script or applet bundle by opening it in Script Editor and clicking the Bundle Contents icon in the document window s toolbar. Once you see the bundle s content, you can browse the script or application s folder structure. Bundles can come in handy when your script needs to use external files such as templates, icons, sounds, scripting additions, or some text files containing data the script needs. After saving the script, place these files inside the Resources folder inside the bundle, and use the command path to me to get the path to the bundle: set template_path to (path to me as string) & "Contents:Resources:Template.indd"
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Set an alarm, countdoun timer, and more.
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So the loop executes. This illustrates that we treat $null as a scalar value. Compare this with the empty array:
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Microsoft Windows Servers Base Operating Servers Base Operating xState Monitoring and Service Discovery\
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namespace Traffic { // The base Vehicle class class Vehicle { . . . } // The Car class is derived from the Vehicle class class Car : Vehicle { . . . } // The Bus class is derived from the Vehicle class class Bus : Vehicle { . . . } }
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Here we grab references to the Request and Response objects, as follows:
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Once you type your name, scanf() will copy the characters, a byte at a time, into the char array pointed to by name. Remember, because name was declared as an array, name points to the first of the 50 bytes allocated for the array. If you type in the name Dave, scanf() will place the four characters 'D', 'a', 'v', and 'e' in the first four of the 50 bytes allocated for the array. Next, scanf() will set the fifth byte to a value of 0 to terminate the string properly (see Figure 8-11). Since the string is properly terminated by the 0 in name[4], we don t really care about the value of the bytes name[5] through name[49]. Next, we pass name on to printf(), asking it to print the name as part of a welcoming message. The %s tells printf() that name points to the first byte of a zero-terminated string. printf() will step through memory, one byte at a time, starting with the byte that name points to. printf() will print each byte in turn until it hits a byte with a value of 0. The zero byte marks the end of the string.
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An ideal processor is one that a thread would prefer to be scheduled on. The scheduler may or may not honor that preference.
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Scale Skew Rotate Translate
CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
such as Windows Mobile 6.5 or iPhone, the mobile interface is shown by default; for Windows Phone 7 or iPad, the default SharePoint interface is used.
<set name="Items" lazy="true" inverse="true"> <key> <column name="USERNAME"/> <column name="ORGANIZATION_ID"/> </key> <one-to-many class="Item"/> </set>
To use an icon file with a dialog box, specify the file path to the .icns file, like this: set icon_file_path to (path to applications folder as string) & "Chess.app:Contents:Resources:chess.icns" display dialog "Time to play some Chess!" with icon alias icon_file_path
The list of the Apps on your device.
Once it s changed on your form, double-click the drop-down list box to bring up the controls properties. On the Data tab, in the List Box entries section, select Look up value from an external data source. The form view will now change slightly. GetSalesPeople will be the data source selected for you, as it s the only one we ve added so far. Click the button next to the Entries text box so we can select our group of data, as shown in figure 11.18.
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