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public class BaseTestClass { [SetUp] public void Setup() { Console.WriteLine("in setup"); LoggingFacility.Logger = new StubLogger(); } }
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PS (1) > 1,2,3[0] Unable to index into an object of type System.Int32. At line:1 char:7 + 1,2,3[0 <<<< ]
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Anatomy of a blog server
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1. Launch the SCA. 2. Select Configure on the General tab. 3. From the URL Format drop-down list, select Hierarchical or Unique ID. 4. Save your changes and close the SCA.
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Figure 9-2. DTS package dataflow
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[Test] public void GetStringVersionFromHeader_WithMinorVersion_Found() { string input = "header;version=1.1;\n"; StandardStringParser parser = GetParser(input); Uses w factory //rest of the test method } [Test] public void GetStringVersionFromHeader_WithRevision_Found() { string input = "header;version=1.1.1;\n"; StandardStringParser parser = GetParser(input); //rest of the test } [Test] public void HasCorrectHeader_NoSpaces_ReturnsTrue() { string input = "header;version=1.1.1;\n"; StandardStringParser parser = GetParser(input); bool result = parser.HasCorrectHeader(); Assert.IsTrue(result); } [Test] public void HasCorrectHeader_WithSpaces_ReturnsTrue() { string input = "header ; version=1.1.1 ; \n"; StandardStringParser parser = GetParser(input); //rest of the test } [Test] public void HasCorrectHeader_MissingVersion_ReturnsFalse() { string input = "header; \n"; StandardStringParser parser = GetParser(input); //rest of the test } }
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Transactions, concurrency, and caching
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CREATING THE MYALBUMEXPLORER PROJECT We discussed the steps for creating a new project in Visual Studio in chapter 2 and again in chapter 10. Since we have already seen this a couple of times, the following table will gloss over many of the details and just hit the highlights. We will also set an icon for our Form and application, as we discussed at the end of chapter 12.
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Astute readers will note here that the given file may or may not exist and may or may not be an actual image file. We will handle any exception that occurs as a result of such an error in a moment. We now have enough to link our classes into the main application. One problem remains: the MyPhotoAlbum project will once again not compile. Now the error is something like this:
Set the version number of the MyPhotos application to 7 .3. MODIFY MENUIMAGE_CHILDCLICK FOR ACTUALSIZE DISPLAY MODE Action 1 Locate the menuImage_ChildClick method in the MainForm.cs source window. Turn scrolling off for the ScaleToFit and StretchToFit display modes. Result
public class DirectoryNode { string root; List<FileNode> files = new List<FileNode>(); List<DirectoryNode> dirs = new List<DirectoryNode>(); DirectoryInfo directoryInfo; // this directory public DirectoryNode(string root) { this.root = root; directoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(root); } public DirectoryNode(DirectoryInfo directoryInfo) { this.directory = directoryInfo; this.root = directoryInfo.FullName; } public void Populate() { foreach (FileInfo f in directoryInfo.GetFiles()) { FileNode fileNode = new FileNode(f); this.files.Add(f); } foreach (DirectoryInfo d in directory.GetDirectories()) { DirectoryNode dirNode = new DirectoryNode(d.FullName); dirs.Add(dirNode); dirNode.Populate(); } } public void PrintTree(int level) { for (int i = 0; i < level; i++) { Console.Write(" "); } Console.WriteLine("{0}", this.root); foreach (DirectoryNode dirNode in dirs) { dirNode.PrintTree(level + 1); } } }
Power Wrap-Up
recovery model bulk_logged 206, 232, 239 full 149, 205, 232, 239 MDW database 367 simple 204 recovery point 196 redo queue 239 241 reduced maintenance requirements 205 reducing backup impact 221 Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) 19 hardware RAID 22 RAID 0 19 RAID 1 20 RAID 10 21 RAID 5 20 RAID controller 33 software RAID 22 stripe size 33 refresh rate 331 registered servers 159 registry 62 regulatory requirements 183 Reliability and Performance Monitor 347 remote memory. See non-uniform memory access reorganize indexes 317 REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS 277 replay events, in order 339 replay events, multiple threads 340 replay markup language (RML) 343 replay server 339 replay threads 339 replaying a trace 338 replication 227, 340 replication (upgrade technique) 73 Report Builder 381 Reporter (RML utility) 342 reporting database 271 reporting database (database snapshots) 220 Reporting Services 154, 376 reporting solution 230 231 reports custom reports 374 disk usage summary 370 query statistics history 371 server activity history 372 REQUEST_MAX_CPU_TIME_ SEC 381 REQUEST_MAX_MEMORY_ GRANT_PERCENT 380
18,000,000 43,000 51,000,000 51,000,000 51,000,000
Server audits
Adjust or Disable the Auto-Lock Time Out Feature
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