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NSLog (@"Hello, Objective-C!");
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24.2 Operators: -as, -is, -replace, -join, -split
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You can see from these examples that PowerShell supports most of the basic arithmetic operations you d expect, including floating point.
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On either side of the Play/Pause button are typical Fast-Forward and Rewind buttons. To jump to the next chapter-specific part of the video, just touch and hold the FastForward button (to the right of Play/Pause. When you get to the desired spot, release the button and the video will begin playing normally. To rewind to the beginning on the video, tap the Rewind button. To rewind to a specific part or location, touch and hold like you did while you were fast-forwarding the video.
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Final Project Example 1
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You can t use newsfeeds to monitor something if no newsfeeds are available. And unfortunately, some online services still don t offer newsfeeds. Many of these services, however, do offer email notifications. One way to create newsfeeds for a service that lacks them is to use an email-to-newsfeed gateway to convert a mailing list into a newsfeed. For example, you can use the free email-to-newsfeed gateway service at www.mailbucket.org. Any mail you send to name@mailbucket.org will be made available in a mailing list at www.mailbucket.org/name.xml. Or you can create your own email-to-newsfeed gateway. That s what we did in chapter 12, where we developed Mail Blogger, a program that monitors a mailbox for new email messages and posts them to a blog where they can be accessed in newsfeed form. If you want to monitor anything, you ll want your applications and services to syndicate everything, so let s discuss that next.
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float tileMapHeightInPixels;
Let s say you found a bug in your code, and you want to make sure that bug was not duplicated somewhere else. With Simian, it s easy to track down code duplication and figure out how much work you have ahead of you, as well as refactoring to remove duplication. Simian is a commercial product that works on .NET, Java, C++, and other languages. You can get Simian here: http://www.redhillconsulting.com.au/products/simian/.
The AngleToString Method
The Business Data field type
Now there s a bit of behind-the-scenes magic going on. I ve added a few helper methods to GameKitHelper that deal specifically with presenting and dismissing the various Game Kit view controllers making use of cocos2d s root view controller. If you remember, cocos2d creates a root view controller in version 0.99.5 beta 3 and higher, and this controller will be used to display the Game Center views. Those methods are shown in Listing 14 12.
CHAPTER 19: iTunes on Your iPad
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