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To add boxes to the world, I used the same code in the init method of HelloWorldScene as in the Box2D example. Refer to Listing 12 3 if you d like to refresh your memory. I ll go straight to creating the dynamic body for new boxes, which is what the addNewSpriteAt method does (Listing 12 10).
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CHAPTER 9: Developing an Application
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<RichTextBox x:Name="RichText" IsReadOnly="True" Width="350" Height="150"> <Paragraph TextAlignment="Left"> One <InlineUIContainer> <Button Content="Ring" /> </InlineUIContainer> to rule them all, one ring to find <InlineUIContainer> #A <ComboBox SelectedIndex="0"> <ComboBox.Items> <ComboBoxItem Content="Mr. Book" />
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This chapter covers
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Listing 1 Calling the fnSimil() function from a stored procedure
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Report authoring basics
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Memory configuration
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Learn how to publish and manage blog entries and file uploads using the new IETF standard Atom publishing protocol.
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Before we wrap up our discussion of properties, there s one concept left to understand: property paths. Property paths provide a way to reference properties of objects in XAML both when you have a name for an element and when you need to indirectly refer to an element by its position in the tree. Property paths can take several forms, and may dot-down into properties of an object. They can also use parentheticals for indirect property targeting as well as for specifying attached properties. Here are some examples of property paths for the Storyboard target property:
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Use the Thumbnail Bar to Move Between Pictures
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Remember, when writing an identifier name in AppleScript, you can avoid conflicts with existing AppleScript keywords or preserve a particular case by wrapping it in a pair of vertical bars. For example, name is a reserved keyword, but |name| is an ordinary identifier.
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Oops! We forgot to remove the READONLY keyword in the definition. After making that change, here is the new code:
TextBlock property name
$( <statementList> )
jav a.util.Bit Set
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