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var count = "Non-letter characters in this string: 8" .Where(c => !Char.IsLetter(c)) .Count();
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[OperationContract] public List<EmployeeReportItem> GetEmployeeReportData() { using (AdventureWorksEntities context = new AdventureWorksEntities()) { var items = Shape into (from emp in context.Employees EmployeeReportItem select new EmployeeReportItem() { EmployeeID = emp.EmployeeID, FirstName = emp.Contact.FirstName, LastName = emp.Contact.LastName, Title = emp.Title, EmailAddress = emp.Contact.EmailAddress, Phone = emp.Contact.Phone, Limit return HireDate = emp.HireDate count }).Take (100) .ToList (); return items; } }
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PS (26) > $word = new-object -com word.application ` >> -strict 2> $null >> PS (27) > $ False
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Using Global Variables
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System disk Sales1 (active)
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BeginGetAllContacts makes a call to the BeginInvoke method of the class. This initiates the call to the web service and returns the IAsyncResult to the caller. The EndGetAllContacts method should be called when your method has finished executing. It defines one parameter of type IAsyncResult. This method is responsible for calling the EndInvoke method of the base class. The EndInvoke
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Horizontal Stack Panel Vertical Stack Panel Control #1
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12.1.2 A number to formatted string data converter A data converter is just a little lump of code for doing a conversion. You need a converter if you want to do some form of conversion or formatting that s beyond the capabilities of StringFormat. To create a data converter, you create a class that implements the IValueConverter interface. Listing 12.2 shows the code for a converter that takes a number of bytes and produces a string version of the number using IEC notations.
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Immediately, you see the World Clock feature. Usually, the standard clock is for Cupertino, CA but you can easily add to that or delete it.
The PAGE_VERIFY option calculates and stores a checksum value for each database page written to disk. When read from disk, the checksum is verified against the page read and used to alert the presence of suspect pages. The WITH CHECKSUM option of the BACKUP command calculates and verifies the checksum value of each page as it s read by the backup process. If a checksum error occurs, the backup fails, unless the CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR option is used. In that case, the backup is flagged as containing errors and the suspect page(s) are marked in the suspect_pages table in the msdb database. In addition to verifying the checksum of each page, the WITH CHECKSUM option calculates a checksum for the entire backup process. When a database is restored from a backup created with the checksum option, the restore process verifies the checksums as part of the restore process, unless the NO_CHECKSUM option is used. If a checksum error is found as part of the restore, the restore will fail, unless the CONTINUE_AFTER_ ERROR option is used. Although backup checksums provide additional confidence in the validity of the backups, they do introduce additional CPU overhead during the backup process. Before enabling this option, ensure the overhead is measured on a test system, particularly in cases where the additional overhead may extend the backup window beyond the desired time frame. That being said, the additional confidence this option provides is well worth the typically small CPU overhead. Another technique commonly used for backup assurance is the mirroring option.
- (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView { return 1; }
Although the .nodes() method returns a result set of xml data type, it is a functionally limited version of the xml data type. You can t query the result set instances directly. The only way to access the contents of the result set are through the use of the other xml data type methods, such as .value() or .query(). If you do try to query the contents directly, you ll get an extremely verbose error message similar to the following:
// Show panel containing new browser pnlWebSite.SuspendLayout(); pnlWebSite.Visible = true; pnlWebSite.Controls.Add(browser); pnlWebSite.ResumeLayout();
This code starts off with an enum declaration. The enum is given the name Weekdays and consists of the constants Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The second line of code uses this new enumerated type to declare a variable named whichDay. whichDay is an integer variable that can take on any of the Weekdays constants, as evidenced by the last line of code, which assigns the constant Thursday to whichDay. Here s another example:
The Standard Library
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <dev:developers xmlns:dev="http://dotnetsvr/Developers.xsd"> <dev:developer dev:id="1"> <dev:firstName>Mike</dev:firstName> <dev:lastName>Houston</dev:lastName> </dev:developer> <dev:developer dev:id="2"> <dev:firstName>Jeff</dev:firstName> <dev:lastName>Giblin</dev:lastName> </dev:developer> <dev:developer dev:id="3"> <dev:firstName>Geoff</dev:firstName> <dev:lastName>Craig</dev:lastName> </dev:developer> </dev:developers>
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