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The third box is called Resize, and it controls whether the user can change the size of the window by dragging the lower right corner. For this application, we re going to disable resizing of this window, so uncheck Resize. You ll learn how to handle controls in windows that resize later in the book. Leave the rest of the attributes unchanged for now. The class that represents windows is a very flexible class, and the other attributes give you a tremendous amount of control over the appearance of your application, but for most windows, the default settings are what you want. Now, press 3 to bring up the size inspector (Figure 3 8). This is where we can set the size and size-related attributes of the selected object. As you saw in the last chapter, objects can be moved and resized using the mouse, but this inspector gives you more precise control over the size and position of an object.
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Implementing the domain model
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You use the Report Designer to set up one or more datasets. As with all report-related elements, the dataset definition is stored in the report definition file. 3.2.1 Understanding the dataset definition The dataset specification becomes a part of the report definition file and can be found under the <DataSets> element. For example, listing 3.1 shows the abbreviated dataset definition for the Sales by Territory report that we created in chapter 1. To open the report definition, right-click on the Sales by Territory.rdl item in the VS.NET Solution Explorer and choose the View Code command.
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If you try to add a Group object with a name that is already being used, this method will return a reference to the existing object. The following example attempts to add a group using a name obtained from the user: Public Sub TestAddGroup() Dim objGroup As AcadGroup Dim strName As String On Error Resume Next '' get a name from user strName = InputBox("Enter a new group name: ") If "" = strName Then Exit Sub Set objGroup = ThisDrawing.Groups.Item(strName) '' create it If Not objGroup Is Nothing Then MsgBox "Group already exists" Exit Sub End If Set objGroup = ThisDrawing.Groups.Add(strName) '' check if it was created If objGroup Is Nothing Then MsgBox "Unable to Add '" & strName & "'" Else MsgBox "Added group '" & objGroup.Name & "'" End If End Sub
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PS (6) > $page = $page -replace " +", " " PS (7) > $page.length 10999
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- (id) init { if (self = [self initWithPressure: 34 treadDepth: 20]) { } return (self); } // init
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Sometimes, for security reasons, people don t make their networks discoverable and you have to manually enter the name and security options to connect. As you can see in Figure 5-1, your list of available networks includes Other. Touch the Other button, and you can manually enter the name of a network you would like to join.
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So far, we have a game where you guide a character through an isometric tilemap world. Hiding behind trees and avoiding collisions are just the foundation for a game set in this world. What if you want to add more actors to the world, whether enemies or non-player characters (NPCs) In principle, you animate them just like you d move the player, except that the player is centered on screen whereas NPCs can be anywhere on the tilemap. Still, you only need to determine which direction the NPC should walk toward, and then move him like the layer is moved in the centerTileMapOnTileCoord method. The only difference is that the
Working with legacy code
For the first time, iPhone4 lets users enjoy the power of iMovie right on their iPhone. The iMovie app is a US $4.99 download from the App store. It is usually listed under either the Featured apps or the Awesome iOS4 apps sections. You can also just search the App store for iMovie to go straight to the download page (see 26: The Amazing App Store for more information on searching the App store for content).
1..10 | foreach { $_ * 2 }
True Expressions
What would new technology be without new terms to learn Here are the words you ll need to be fully inheritance literate:
14.2.2 Graphing using shapes In listing 14.1, we had a reference to a control called ColumnGraphCtrl that we hadn t yet defined. Let s go ahead and create it now by adding a new user control. We re going to concentrate on the column chart for the moment. We could take a couple of different approaches here. For example, we could use a StackPanel, and then put on
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