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On the VPN screen, tap the switch next to VPN to set it to On. You should then be taken to the Add Configuration screen. If not, then tap Add VPN Configuration at the bottom to set up a new VPN connection. The Add Configuration screen is where you set up your VPN login details, using the information from your help desk or VPN administrator. If your VPN is an L2TP type, then you would use the screen shown here. Scroll to the bottom and enter the Proxy information as required.
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Figure 15 8. Adding the content payload
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Keeps track of current viewer
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Once you re finished, your XAML should look like this:
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Note the inclusion of equals as an operator because we have to handle the equals button somewhat as if it s an operator. We put this enum at the top of the Window1. xaml.cs file, within the namespace for the class. We could create a new file and, if
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NSTextField NSTextField NSPopupMenu NSButton
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SQLIO is a Windows command-line tool for generating I/O workloads and measuring their performance. It is a free download from Microsoft. SQLIO is often used for benchmarking a disk subsystem. Iometer is a widely used multi-platform I/O benchmarking tool. Originally developed at Intel, Iometer is now distributed as an open source project. Google for SQLIO and Iometer to find their respective current download links.
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LINQ to Google Desktop
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Common LINQ to XML scenarios
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Key Combination
The biggest single point of confusion I see new students struggle with is the variable name. Hopefully, I ve done a good job of explaining it in this chapter, but always
Our story with the fragments_persons table is not yet complete. Users may add persons, delete them, or update their email addresses. In this case we must update our index, just as SQL Server maintains its indexes. You do this by using a trigger. In the download archive, you find the files 05_fragments_persons_trigger-2005.sql and 05_fragments_persons_trigger-2008.sql with triggers for SQL 2005 and SQL 2008. There are two versions because in the SQL 2008 trigger I use the new MERGE statement. The triggers are fairly straightforward, but there are a few things worth pointing out. In listing 3, I show the version for SQL 2008, as it is considerably shorter.
Of course, often you ll need a bit of your own code in your controller class. You can easily subclass NSWindowController to suit your needs here as well. Our next steps will be to create a subclass and create a new nib file for it to load, and set up a way to call it from our main window and controller. In Xcode, make a new class in the WindowLab project called NotSoEasyWindowController by selecting File New File... from the menu and choosing to create an NSWindowController subclass. Because we re making our own class here, we can build in the name of the nib file so that anyone using this class only needs to know about the class, not the name of the nib file itself. We can also make things even easier for callers: assuming that anyone who creates an instance of this class wants to load the nib file, let s build the call to window right into the init method. Do this by creating the following init method:
You now have enough knowledge to start messing around with the laws of nature. We ve really only begun to scratch the surface of what can be done with Chipmunk and cocos2d. You can create skeletons and joint systems, which can be snapped together like LEGO bricks to simulate anything from a simple bicycle to a human being. You can then throw your objects into a space with whatever goals and constraints you choose to define to make the game a challenge. If you want to make things even more difficult, you can play with gravity, or even use the accelerometer to alter the gravity of the scene. Of course, as with any decision you make in your code, you should always be questioning whether or not you re adding to the playability of the game.
/3GB (or increaseuserva) /3GB and /PAE /PAE
and finally call the ToString() method to display the class.
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