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Even though you told printf() to use three character positions to print the number, printf() was smart enough to not lose the numbers to the left of the decimal.
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Mutex offers several benefits over Monitor. The biggest is that it is derived from WaitHandle and can be used with WaitOne, WaitAny, and WaitAll. This means that a thread can use the WaitAll method and wait until it acquires all of the Mutex in an array. This would be very difficult to do using Monitor. Mutex is signaled when no thread owns it. When ownership of Mutex is acquired using one of the wait methods, it is set to unsignaled. Mutex can be created in the unsignaled state. This means the thread that creates Mutex acquires ownership of it. To create Mutex that is initially owned, pass in true for the initiallyOwned parameter of the constructor. When ReleaseMutex is called, Mutex is no longer owned and becomes signaled. Additionally, if a thread that owns Mutex terminates normally, the Mutex is released and becomes signaled. When Mutex is created, it is assigned a name, which should be unique. If Mutex with the supplied name exists, it is returned; otherwise, a new Mutex is created. As long as a thread retains a reference to the Mutex, it will continue to exist. At the point the last thread with a reference to a Mutex terminates, the Mutex is destroyed. Additionally, a thread can call the Close method on the Mutex class to release the Mutex. Once a Mutex has been released, it cannot be used. Since a Mutex has a name, it can be used across processes. In listing 8.6 only one thread
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Unlike the methods described previously, you can use a drawing object s properties to modify the on-screen appearance of the lines that represent AutoCAD objects. The rest of this chapter covers some of the most commonly used properties.
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Programming support
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When you click the iTunes U tab, you can choose to sync specific, recent, or unplayed iTunes U content, or all content. TIP: iTunes U podcasts are similar to other audio or video podcasts, except that they focus on educational content and are mostly produced by colleges and universities. Most are free to subscribe to in the iTunes store. When you subscribe and set up the auto sync as shown in this section, you ll receive all your favorite iTunes U podcasts on your iPhone. Be sure to check out the iTunes U section in the iTunes store. You may find your favorite college or university has shows to teach you biology or astronomy, or a whole lot more. There s even a Stanford University course on how to develop iPhone apps! Many of the top universities broadcast class lectures from famous professors in iTunes U. Go ahead and check it out what you ll find is amazing! To sync iTunes U content from your computer to your iPhone, follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Connect your iPhone to your computer, start iTunes, and click on your iPhone in the left nav bar. Click the iTunes U tab on the top of the main window. Check the box next to Sync iTunes U (see Figure 3 29). If you'd like to sync recent or unplayed items, check the box next to Automatically include and use the pull-down to select All, 1 newest, All unplayed, 5 newest, 10 most recent unplayed, etc.
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This example uses the plain XmlReader to step through the returned XML to find the values you want. The approach is rather clunky but does work. Because the XmlReader is forward-only, you have to be careful to get everything you need from the information the first time through-a potentially cumbersome task on complex documents. In the next example, you can also see the same results using the XmlSerializer from the System.Xml.Serialization namespace, which is included in the SDK, so you need to add a reference to use it in your application.
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Item. In the New Item dialog box, select the Web template category and the Style Sheet template. Enter a name for your style sheet and click the Add button. Deploying the CSS files or any files for that matter to the Layouts folder will only work for farm solutions. If you need to add a CSS file to a sandboxed solution, you must deploy the file into a library or folder in the site. We ll discuss this further in chapter 6. In the style sheet file, add the CSS classes you need in your Web Part. For our sample, copy the CSS class from the previous sample and change the CSS selector name to looks2 like this:
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Figure 12 14. Expanding the symbol track for Fibonacci Fun
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YouTube on your iPhone 4
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Rendering, layout, and transforming
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Amazon s Kindle reader is the world s most popular e-reader. Millions of people have Kindle books, so the Kindle app allows you to read your Kindle books on your iPhone. The Kindle app has just been updated to support audio/video on iPhone and iPad, making it even more advanced than on Kindle hardware itself. TIP: If you use a Kindle device, don t worry about signing in from your iPhone. You can have several devices tied to your single account. You will be able to enjoy all the books you purchased for your Kindle right on the Kindle app on the iPhone. Just touch the Kindle app and either sign in to your Kindle account or create a new account with a user name and password.
CHAPTER 17: Future Paths
Trace Logs
A Quick Tour of the MobileMe Web Site
At publishing time, the iPad does not offer a native Print command. So you have a few options. Option 1: You can email the document to yourself, a colleague, or other person and print it from a computer. Option 2: You could acquire a printing app from the App store. One of the well-reviewed apps out there at publishing time is PrintCentral for iPad (US$9.99), which allows you to print to a networked printer or a printer connected to your PC or Mac.
#import "helloWorld_005ViewController.h" @implementation helloWorld_005ViewController @synthesize label, uiImageView; (IBAction)buttonPressed:(id) sender{ }
to be treated as objects, independent of the underlying data store. ObjectSpaces also introduced OPath, a proprietary object query language. In 2004, Microsoft announced that ObjectSpaces depended on the WinFS5 project, and as such would be postponed to the Orcas timeframe (the next releases after .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005). No new releases happened after that. Everybody realized that ObjectSpaces would never see the light of day when Microsoft announced that WinFS wouldn t make it into the first release of Windows Vista. XQuery implementation Similar to what happened with ObjectSpaces and about the same time, Microsoft had started working on an XQuery processor. A preview was included in the first beta release of the .NET Framework version 2.0, but eventually it was decided not
Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed
Your new icon appears on your Home screen.
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