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else if (_albumPos == _album.Count) { this.Text = "Finished"; } else { pboxSlide.Invalidate(); trackSlide.Value = _albumPos; } _albumPos ++;
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The switch statement is the most powerful statement in the PowerShell language. This statement combines pattern matching, branching, and iteration all into a single control structure. The switch statement in PowerShell is similar to the switch statement in many other languages it s a way of selecting an action based on a particular value. But the PowerShell switch statement has a number of additional capabilities. It can be used as a looping construct where it processes a collection of objects instead of a just a single object. It supports the advanced pattern matching features that we ve seen with the -match and -like operators. (How the pattern is matched depends on the flags specified to the switch statement.) Finally, it can be used to efficiently process an entire file in a single statement.
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examined, but it s mostly boilerplate. First, we create a static collection of namespace objects b so we can support the getNamespaces() method C efficiently. The important method in PubControlModuleGenerator is generate() D, which takes a Module and a JDOM Element. We add a control element E and a draft element within that F, and we add the whole thing to the JDOM element that was passed in G. And that s all for our new module. Let s see how to use it. Using the Publish Control module To use the new module in your application, put the module classes and the following rome.properties file in your application s classpath:
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ASP .NET mobile controls ASP.NET mobile controls (formally the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit, which was available as a separate download) enable you to write applications that are intended for web-enabled phones, pagers, and PDAs. The controls are easy to use, which facilitates your mobile application development. You may want to use the ASP.NET mobile controls to make real-time data available to your employees. Let s take the example of a business that sells movie tickets. Each salesperson is responsible for selling the tickets via telephone. When a customer purchases a ticket, that transaction is recorded in a database for inventory deduction, order tracking, and so forth. The business can use ASP.NET mobile controls to easily expose this data (real-time inventory, order tracking, current sales) to mobile devices that management can use to get up-to-the-minute reports anywhere in the world (or at least anywhere they can get cell phone service). The ASP.NET mobile controls are unique because they render the proper output based on the type of device. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer to view an ASP.NET page that contains mobile controls, the controls render as HTML. On the other hand, if you are viewing the same page with a web-enabled phone, the controls render as WML. This enables you to write one page that can be viewed with multiple devices. The mobile controls available to you in ASP.NET include the following: AdRotator Calendar PhoneCall
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Applying Weight and Inertia
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Obviously, this is an ad hoc way of writing such a test. If you were writing multiple tests like this, you might want to have a generic ShowProblem method that all tests could use, which would format the errors consistently. You could also add special helper methods that would help check on various things like null objects, empty strings, and so on, so that you don t need to write the same long lines of code in many tests. Listing 1.4 shows what this test would look like with a slightly more generic ShowProblem method.
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Use the Find button to search for any word or phrase in the document just like Pages.
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Data Type
Many of the issues often cited as barriers to general cloud adoption end up being issues that you need to deal with when managing a deployed cloud application. In this section, we ll look at the main technical operational issues you ll encounter when you put your business in the cloud. Let s start with a discussion of availability and performance, which are traditionally the bread and butter of operational management. Next, we ll discuss elasticity and scale, operational security and compliance, and, finally, issues around interoperability and platform compatibility.
Using expression-based queries A second scenario where you will need to use the Generic Query Designer is when you are working with expression-based queries. Unlike the Graphical Query Designer, the Generic Query Designer doesn t attempt to parse the query text to ensure it is syntactically correct. Instead, it allows you to type whatever you want, and once the query is constructed, it passes the query directly to the data source. For users familiar with Microsoft Access, the Access equivalent is a pass-through query. We haven t covered expressions yet (see chapter 5), but consider the case in which you want to restrict the results returned from the SalesOrderDetail table only if the OrderID is specified. To achieve this, use a Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET) expression, similar to this one:
A summary of the StatusBar class is shown in .NET Table 4.2. One feature noticeably missing from the StatusBar class is flyby text. In the MFC classes, menu and toolbar objects can set help messages that appear in the status bar as the cursor passes over the corresponding control. This feature may well be included in a future release of the .NET Framework.
cookie management and custom security 490 cookie-less report sessions 351 cookies, for report session management 351 CPU utilization 503, 507 Credentials Stored Securely in the Report Server 315 Credentials tab 464 crosstab reports 45, 134, 201 defined 4 designing 133 dynamic groups 136 static groups 137 subtotals 138 CSV 183 CurrentPrincipal 312 custom application security 337 custom applications integrating reports 342 custom assemblies 167 deploying 191 custom authentication implementing 491 custom authorization implementing 493 custom code 47, 186, 453 custom code security 50 custom data extensions debugging 473 custom dataset data extension and typed datasets 463 download location 545
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private void ThreadMethod() { Acquires a lock lock(textBox1) on the text box { Point newLocation= new Point( textBox1.Location.X+1,textBox1.Location.Y+1); Moves the text box Trace.WriteLine( to the new location "Before Location Assign : " + Thread.CurrentThread.Name); textBox1.Location= newLocation; Trace.WriteLine("After Location Assign : " + Thread.CurrentThread.Name); } }
CHAPTER 14: Advanced Drawing Topics
Commands Commands
The examples in this chapter are based on the idea of a file depot a web site that stores files and makes them available for download over HTTP. In our example, called File Depot, we ll provide a newsfeed that users can subscribe to in order to be notified of new files that are available in the depot. When a file is added to the depot, subscribers will see a new entry show up in their newsreaders with a download link to the new file. We provide several versions of the File Depot example because there are at least several different ways to generate and serve XML, and no one technique is necessarily the best for all situations. Table 8.1 summarizes the various versions. We ll show you how to generate newsfeeds with a newsfeed library in section 8.4, with XML tools in section 8.5, and how to apply caching and compression to those same examples in section 8.6. We don t explain how to generate newsfeeds using a template language, but you can find a couple examples of that in the online examples (depot-rss.jsp and DepotAtomServet.java). The last two examples listed in the summary above are not discussed in the book. You can find the Java version of all these examples in the examples directory under java/ch08 and the C# versions in csharp/ch08.
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