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Figure 2-1. .NET Framework organization To understand how C# works, it s important to understand a bit about the .NET runtime and the .NET Framework. The following section provides an overview; you can find more detailed information in 38.
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Figure 7.8 Getting ready to draw cards
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Click the selection next to Restore from the backup of:. Select the particular backup file from the drop-down menu. Click the Continue button.
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Achieving high reliability at cloud scale
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The example earlier in figure 5.1 contained a single SQL Server instance in a two-node cluster. Under normal operating conditions, one node is in the standby status, existing purely to take on the load in the event of failure or a planned outage. When such action occurs, the instance moves between one server and the next, as shown in figure 5.4.
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Table 2 Data management operations supported by our solution Operation Create Update Read Description Entity is created; the data is imported into the database. Entity is modified; the data in the database is changed. Entity is retrieved; the data is read from the database.
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Figure 20-4. Direct data model and view binding The relationship between the data model property and the view is described as a binding. The view object displays the value and updates its display whenever the value changes (via observing). If the user edits the displayed value, the view object communicates that to the data model by setting the new value directly. Bindings are described in more detail later in this chapter.
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Nestled inside the C language, right next to the while statement, is the for statement. The for statement is similar to the while statement, following the basic model of initialization, modification, and termination. Here s the pattern for a for statement:
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System administrator credentials are required to manage importing objects. Channel import objects include containers (channels, galleries, or rights group roles) or items (pages, resources, templates, or rights groups). When importing items into an MCMS site, three sets of configuration options are available as tabs on the Site Deployment Import dialog box: Container Rules Rights Groups Orphaned Objects
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Using a scripting addition command to add a new record might seem overly complex when AppleScript already allows you to append items to lists directly. You should always use ScriptDB s commands to perform these sorts of operations, however, because ScriptDB will ensure your new data is valid before it s added to the database or complain if it isn t. If you bypass these commands and attempt to change the data structures directly, you won t get this automatic checking, and any mistakes you make will damage the integrity of your data.
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PS C:\> $computername = "SERVER17" PS C:\> $computername.tolower() server17
Use a ToggleButton control to enable an option and leave it that way until the user depresses the button again (see Figure 3-20). This control presents an on/off switch whose appearance changes depending on whether or not it the user has depressed it. The ToggleButton control has a Picture property you could change depending on the state of the button. In the following example, the condition of the ToggleButton control is tested using a Select ... Case statement and an appropriate message is displayed: Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() Select Case ToggleButton1.Value Case False MsgBox "ToggleButton1 is Off" Case True MsgBox "ToggleButton1 is On" End Select
With aggregate functions, you can set the aggregate scope explicitly.
When you issue an AutoCAD command such as LINE or DIM, the BeginCommand event is triggered. Any code that you ve written inside the BeginCommand event procedure is then executed. Once the code associated with the BeginCommand event has finished executing and after the command itself has finished, the EndCommand event is triggered. Now any code that you ve written inside the EndCommand event procedure executes. You may have code associated with either, both, or neither of the events. If a command is canceled prior to completion, such as when a user presses the Esc key, it doesn t fire the EndCommand event. The following BeginCommand event procedure illustrates creating a layer called Objects (if it doesn t exist) and making the layer active based on the user starting the LINE command: Option Explicit Public objCurrentLayer As AcadLayer Public objPreviousLayer As AcadLayer
At a first glance, the deadlock graph produced by trace flag 1222 seems impossibly obtuse and near-impossible to read. In truth, much of the information given can be ignored, and it s mostly a case of knowing where to look and how to interpret the information given. In this section, I m going to walk through a deadlock graph, line by line, pointing out what sections are important and what they mean. Listing 1 shows an example of a deadlock graph (trimmed slightly so that it doesn t take three pages).
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