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C aution The lifetime of the C string pointer returned by -cStringUsingEncoding: et al is tied to the lifetime of
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As a refresher, let s sum up the significant additions to the languages that you discovered in chapter 2:
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The lowercase version of I is , not i. Conversely, the uppercase version of i is , not I. So for Turkish, toLowerCase() and toLowerCase() would mess up the i pairings. For Turkish and other alphabets with dotted and dotless i versions such as Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Tatar, and Crimean Tatar, JavaScript provides a second pair of methods, toLocaleLowerCase() and toLocaleUpperCase(), which get the i conversions right: "I".toLowerCase(); // "i" "i".toUpperCase() // "I" "I".toLocaleLowerCase(); // " " "i".toLocaleUpperCase() // " "
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With the addition of the ViewModel and the changes to the XAML, you need to make some changes to the code-behind for the EmployeeList page. Listing 16.19 includes the new code-behind with those changes included.
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Entering Passwords for Email Accounts Synced from iTunes
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So far, I ve briefly described how to invoke SQL Profiler and Windows PerfMon, and presented a handful of best practices so that you can monitor SQL Server performance most effectively. How do you go about pulling both sets of data, the granular and event-driven data of Profiler along with the overall resource consumption data of PerfMon, into a single view Here are simple step-by-step instructions for bringing the two data sets together into one cohesive view:
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Figure 14 2. iBooks adjusting font sizes
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SharePoint 2010 pages
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Before jumping into the details of Project Builder, let s begin by looking at how simple it is to create an application. As you will see, Project Builder enables you to get a basic application shell running in no time. The example application you will build is a Cocoa program that displays an image in a window. You will learn all about Cocoa in chapters 5 and 6, but for now think of it as a collection of object-oriented libraries, or frameworks, for constructing GUI- and non GUI-based applications for Mac OS X. Throughout the book, you will develop many applications. For consistency, you ll store all the projects under a directory called projects, located in your home directory. At this point, create a new folder in your home directory and name it projects. Now, follow these steps:
Notes: Flow control statements alter the normal flow of execution in PowerShell. Here are examples of what flow control statements look like:
Error message on running bcp utility from a query window
class ColorNameValueConverter : IValueConverter { private Dictionary<Color, string> namedColors = new Dictionary<Color, string>(); public ColorNameValueConverter() { PropertyInfo[] colorProperties =
Download the DirectX SDK, and use the compiler there to build the shader. Repurpose the WPF pixel shader build step. Use a tool such as Shazzam to create and compile the shader.
select count(item.SuccessfulBid) from Item item
Networking and communications
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