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Command conflict and removing extensions
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Listing 4.14 Embedding a FlowDocument within a Button within a DockPanel
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Note A Visual Studio .NET solution is a container for one or more projects. Solution settings are global among the child projects. For additional information, refer to the Visual Studio .NET Help.
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Figure 5.1 My first out-of-browser Silverlight application a Commodore 64 emulator using the updated MediaStreamSource API described in chapter 20
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Displays leading zero if a number has fewer digits than there are zeroes in the format. Replaces # with the digit only for significant digits. Displays the decimal point. Separates number groups, such as 1,000. When this is used after a number, it divides the number by 1,000. Displays the percent character. Uses different formats for positive, negative, and zero values.
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should search the content for the next occurrence of the search term and then automatically select it. The RichTextBox exposes the Selection property, which has a Select function to support programmatic selection. The Select method takes two parameters, both of type TextPointer: the anchorPosition and the movingPosition. If you think about how you select text with a mouse, you start with one point that stays fixed in place, and you move the mouse cursor, changing the selection relative to that point. Similarly, the anchorPosition remains fixed and the movingPosition is the second or movable point. Figure 9.8 shows the three main data points of Selection.Text=turt interest. The first, the Selection.Text property, is I like turtles a public read/write property that enables us to read or modify the text inside the two points. anchorPosition movingPosition The anchorPosition is the place where you or Figure 9.8 RichTextBox the user (or your code) started the selection. The selection information, assuming the movingPosition is the end of the selection. user selected left to right, starting Note that, unlike the case with the TextBox, with the first T in turtles we re not dealing with numeric values for the start and end points. Instead, we have pointers to the text. Though this can make it slightly more complex to work with, it both supports the addition of nonvisible markup and makes it more flexible when adding text between the points and the substitution character count isn t 1:1 with the original. Listing 9.17 shows how to use the anchorPosition and movingPosition TextPointer objects to programmatically select text in the control.
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' handle exceptions inline
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using System; using System.Threading; namespace ContextSwitching { public class Switching { private bool itsTimeToStop ; public bool TimeToStop { get {return itsTimeToStop; } set {itsTimeToStop=value; } }
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Deleting, updating, and finding a specific item is just as easy. In the rest of this chapter, I ll be walking you through implementing an Active Record framework. However, before you can get to this implementation, you first need to simplify working with the C APIs. I ll cover that in the next section.
YouTube list, just tap the Fast-Forward/Next arrow. To watch the previous video in the list, just tap the Reverse/Back arrow.
tell application "Finder" move every item of desktop to folder "Old desktop stuff" end tell AppleScript allows some extra flexibility in how you supply the target reference for these commands. Although you can specify the command s target via its direct parameter, AppleScript also lets you identify the target using a tell block. If the command s direct parameter is omitted, AppleScript will assume that the default target given by the surrounding tell block is the command s intended target: tell application "TextEdit" tell document 1 close --closes document 1 end tell end tell tell application "Finder" tell every item of desktop move to folder "Old desktop stuff" --moves all the items on the desktop end tell end tell This can be useful for making code easier to read and is particularly convenient when you want to use the same reference as the target for several commands in a row.
Simply put, the multiLayerSceneInstance is a static global variable that will hold the current MultiLayerScene object during its lifetime. When the layer is deallocated, the variable is set back to nil to avoid crashes, as the multiLayerSceneInstance variable would be pointing to an already released object after the dealloc method. The reason for this semi-singleton is that you ll be using several layers, each with its own child nodes, but you still need to somehow access the main layer. It s a very comfortable way to give access to the main layer to other layers and nodes of the current scene. CAUTION: This semi-singleton only works if there is only ever one instance of MultiLayerScene allocated at any one time. It also can t be used to initialize MultiLayerScene, unlike a regular singleton class. Access to the GameLayer and UserInterfaceLayer is granted through property getter methods, for ease of use. The properties are defined in Listing 5 6, which shows the relevant part from MultiLayerScene.h.
This was great. I now had code that would play any audio file supported by the iPhone with not a lot of code. It wouldn t take over the user interface like MPMoviePlayerController. And it looked like I was on the right track for streaming. True, I was still tied to reading audio data from files, but I was only doing that as a way to get audio buffers that I could feed into a queue. If I could arrange to get those buffers from a network connection, I d have achieved my goals for the project.
In this case, the output isn t particularly useful because the , string gets broken twice. You can fix this by using the regular expression classes.
what this class is, but for now, this is all you need to know.
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