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self.emissionRate = 30; self.totalParticles = 250;
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The DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs that are passed to the event handler tell us what the old DataContext was and what the new Context now is b. Because we have a list of WikiPages, we know that the context will be a WikiPage. All the code has to do is set the current document in the RichTextBox c. Now, you might be wondering why we don t have to retrieve the value from the RichTextBox first and put it into the old WikiPage. The reason is that the RichTextBox is just holding a reference to that document the same reference held by the old WikiPage so it s automatically up-to-date. Now you might further be wondering, if that s the case, why Microsoft didn t make the Document a dependency property. We wonder that too. Figure 11.14 shows the Wiki application in action. Although not a perfect example, the Wiki application demonstrates how you can have a real business-object model, and then leverage the binding capabilities of WPF to do much of the heavy lifting for you. The nice thing is that you could change the lookand-feel of the application entirely with relative ease and, so long as you ve designed your business objects well, your application will still enforce all its rules. All the binding sources that we ve discussed so far are data sources that could have existing before .NET 3.x. There is an additional way that you might get data that is new.
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ShowReadOnly ReadOnlyChecked
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The Image class defines the properties Name, Filename, SizeX, and SizeY. It has a single association, with its parent Item class, as shown in figure 6.7. As you can see from the aggregation association style depicted by a black diamond, Image is a component of Item, and Item is Name : string the entity that is responsible for the lifecycle Description : string of Image. References to images aren t InitialPrice : double Name : string ReservePrice : double Filename : string shared, so our first choice is an NHibernate StartDate : DateTime SizeX : int EndDate : DateTime SizeY : int component mapping. The multiplicity of the Created : DateTime association further declares this association as many-valued that is, zero or more Images Figure 6.7 Collection of for the same Item. Image components in Item
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The Allow Null Value attribute indicates if NULL can be passed as a report value. If a default parameter value is not specified, clearing the check box in effect makes the parameter required. The Allow Blank Value attribute is available only for the String data type and means that an empty string can be passed as a report value. Let s go back to the Sales by Territory Interactive report and change the data type of the Year parameter to Integer. Finally, to make the parameter required, make sure that the Allow Null Value check box is cleared. Now, let s preview the report (figure 3.20).
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Figure 1 Selecting a program to schedule
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Convert the read lock to a write lock
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Enemies drop from the top and you have to avoid them by tilting your device. This will be our first simple game using accelerometer controls.
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Unit-testing practice Write tests easily and in a structured manner. How the framework helps Framework supplies the developer with a class library that holds
Call app startup handler
Deploying dashboards
Certificates & Provisioning Profiles
Microsoft Windows Servers Base Operating System\Windows 2003\ State Monitoring and Service Discovery\
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