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The Find Customer screen in SAP
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The next step is to compile the person.cs file into a single file assembly and sign it with the key. We re going to create two side-by-side versions of this assembly, each with the same file name. So we create two subdirectories called person1000 and
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Listing 5.9 Creating a text file within a user s isolated storage area
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Web-based user interface for editing blog entries and administering the server Ability to organize blog entries by category Customizable page templates, so each blog can have unique visual design Support for feedback in the form of comments, trackbacks, and referrers Email notification of new blog entries and comments Newsfeeds for blog entries and blog entry comments Standard web services interface to support desktop blog editors and other blog apps Management and display of bookmarks for blogroll Support for file upload of image, audio, and video files
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Your iPhone has an Auto-Brightness control available, which is turned on by default. This uses the built-in light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen. When it is darker outside or nighttime, then the auto-brightness control will dim the screen. When it is bright and sunny, the screen will be automatically brightened so it is easier to read. Generally, we advise that you keep this set to On. If you want to adjust the brightness, use the controls in your Settings app. 1. 2. 3. From your Home screen, touch the Settings icon. Then touch Brightness. Move the slider control to adjust the brightness.
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Twitter was started in 2006. Twitter is essentially an SMS (text message)-based social networking site. It is often referred to as a micro-blogging site where the famous and not so famous share what s on their mind. The catch is that you only have 140 characters to get your point across. With Twitter, you subscribe to follow someone who Tweets messages. You might also find that people will start to follow you. If you want to follow us, we are: @garymadesimple on Twitter.
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If you are new to iTunes, these basic pointers can help you get around (see Figure 26 8): Playing a song, video, or podcast: Double-click an item to start playing it. Controlling the song or video: Use the Rewind, Pause, and Fast Forward buttons in addition to the Volume slider in the upper left corner to control the playback. Moving to a different part of the song or video: Just click the diamond in the slider bar under the song name in the top of the window and drag it left or right as desired.
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CHAPTER 6: Switch View with Multiple Graphics
Listin g 13-3. Sending a Distributed Notification
Notice the dotted lines in Figure 3 4. Interface Builder has some nice features for aligning and setting the properties of visual elements. You ll notice that guides appear for a moment as you change the size and position of the label, button, and text fields. These are called automatic guides. They provide a good way for you to optimally position controls in the user interface. Interface Builder will also show dynamically updated guides that show you pixel distances between various points in the window just hold down the Option key while you have a control selected to see its position relative to the window and other controls. Finally, you can also add your own custom guides. Use the Layout Add Vertical Guide (or Horizontal Guide) menu (or use -Shift-|). These remain visible while you are designing your user interface but don t display when running the program. If you want to remove a custom guide, just drag it off the window. It will disappear in the customary Apple puff of smoke. While on the subject of aligning and positioning, let s take a look at the Size tab in the Inspector (Figure 3 5). Exactly what you see here depends on the object(s) you currently have selected. In Figure 3 5, the main user interface window is the selected object (to select the window, click in the title bar). Here I have set the size to 290 120 pixels. The Label, Text Field, and Button controls have all been set to 250 pixels wide.
Tip To verify that Element.getAttribute() ought to return "" rather than null, visit www.w3.org/TR/DOMLevel-2-Core/core.html and scroll down to the Element interface. Or just take my word for it and be done.
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