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One of the projects I m working on is a bunch of scripts Sal Soghoian (AppleScript product manager) wrote for Showtime Networks. The scripts automate the creation of the Upcoming Shows menus for about ten of Showtime Networks affiliate stations. Sal initially created the scripts as a public relations campaign for Showtime, and it really worked well. It also worked well for me to inherit the project, since besides billing for the time, I got to learn a lot from Sal s AppleScript mastery. One of the neat features in these scripts was that, besides the localized error trapping that was implemented throughout the script, every script had one big try statement that covered it from head to toe. The purpose of this try block s on error handler wasn t to notify the user that something wrong went down AppleScript s built-in error dialog box would have done that. The purpose was to cause the script to display the error message in a nice dialog box instead of the typical error message AppleScript displays in case of unhandled errors, with the dreaded Edit button that, no matter what I tell them, users always seem to want to click. Figure 17-3 shows the AppleScript generic-style error message dialog box.
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Listing 9.15 Hyperlink support in the RichTextBox
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Binary trees and recursion were made for each other. To search a tree recursively, the recursing function has to visit the current node, as well as call itself with each of its two child nodes. The child nodes will do the same thing with themselves and their child nodes. Each part of the recursion stops when a terminal node is encountered. Check out this piece of code:
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Switching on application-level tracing switches on tracing for every page in the application. You can control application-level tracing using the following attributes: enabled Set to true to switch on tracing localOnly Set to true to enable tracing on localhost only pageOutput Set to true to append trace information to the end of each page
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Some C Structures
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Func<DateTime> getDateTime = () => DateTime.Now;
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These prompt options mimic the prompt choices available through the HTML DOM Window object. Using Silverlight, you can launch these prompts from managed code. This example shows one way to display an alert to a user using C#:
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The template here is like any other template, except for the ItemsSource. The tree is bound to an ItemsSource, which returns a list of nodes but how does each node get its children The answer is that it has its own ItemsSource, which knows to pull a set of children of its own. Each child then has its own ItemsSource, and so on, ad infinitum. Figure 12.24 shows what s going on. In our example, we re only providing one data template, and that template will be used no matter what the type of child. But, we could also use a DataTemplateSelector to provide a different template for different values, and the different templates could get their children in different ways. We re done populating the nodes for the tree we re only displaying the node name, but we could have done anything we liked here, making things as ugly as our Process Monitor, for example. But, we also want to display something in the text box on the right. We ll bind that to the outer XML of the currently selected node.
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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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Figure 3-21. A UserForm with a Frame control
Identifying a Mem Stomp
ADelegate MyDelegate = new ADelegate(AMethod); MyDelegate += new ADelegate(ADifferentMethod); MyDelegate.BeginInvoke(null,null);
At this point, you ll have a brand-new project, similar to the ones you ve created before. Choosing to use Core Data causes Xcode to use a slightly different project template, so this project will have a thing or two you haven t seen in your old projects. In Xcode s navigator pane, you ll find a new top-level group called Models; inside that, you ll see the project s default empty model file, called MythBase_DataModel.xcdatamodel. A model file contains metadata about your application s model layer. You create the model file using a graphical tool built into Xcode, and your application reads the model file at runtime.
A dependency is a relationship between two entities. Issues with dependencies pop up frequently during program design and development. Dependencies can exist between two classes: for example, Slant6 depends on Engine because of their inheritance relationship. If Engine changes, such as by adding a new instance variable, Slant6 will need to be recompiled to adapt to the change. Dependencies can exist between two or more files. CarParts-Split.m is dependent on Tire.h and Engine.h. If either of those files change, CarParts-Split.m will need to be recompiled to pick up the changes. For instance, Tire.h might have a constant called kDefaultTirePressure with a value of 30 psi. The programmer who wrote Tire.h might decide that the default tire pressure
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